TVs notorious dysfunctional family return for more chaotic adventures in Shameless.

• Incredibly Small World, National Geographic Channel, 19.10

An eye-opening series that uncovers the extraordinary, surprising and inspiring lives of people with dwarfism. From hidden communities to outrageous individuals, this show reveals what it’s really like to be a little person in a big world, and that sometimes the biggest personalities come in the smallest packages.

• Mighty Ships, Discovery HD Showcase, 21.00

The sixth series provides access to some of the world’s most astonishing working ships. Learn about the inner workings of these sophisticated vessels – from the mechanics of modern sea-faring to the human dramas on board. Mighty Ships is as much about what happens inside the ship as the journey each vessel makes. This series includes a hydraulic jack-up vessel and a US Navy salvage ship. The series features stunning visuals from aboard these boats, with access to everything above and below deck. Plus, follow the intricate relationships of those on board and find out what makes their jobs so remarkable and challenging.

• Shameless, M-Net, 21.30

The most dysfunctional family on TV returns for a new season and there are some rocky moments ahead. Someone is arrested, there is a terrible tragedy and social workers are after the younger kids. Can alcoholic father Frank and his six resourceful offspring manage to pull through?

• Brickleberry, Vuzu, 22.00

Woody rallies the rangers to compete in the annual Ranger Games. Malloy adopts a homeless person as a new pet.