• Sports Highlife, Trace Sports, 20.00

A new series combining sports celebrity with fashion, glamour, style and image. The series lets viewers live the glamorous lives of their favourite rich and famous sports stars.

• Thanksgiving Special: Food Network Challenge – Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cakes, Food Network, 20.10

Four of the top cake designers in the US are celebrating Thanksgiving by making cakes inspired by one of the most popular holiday specials, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Plus, a surprise is in store for the competitors that will make this holiday unforgettable.

• Ridiculousness, MTV, 20.30

Host Rob Dyrdek returns with his take on today’s hottest viral videos and brands hilarious new categories such as getting “Popcorned”, tripping in “Ghost Holes” and stumbling into some “Accidental Magic”. He’s joined again by Sterling and Chanel plus some of today’s hippest celebs, from Justin Bieber to Floyd Mayweather, Snooki to Rampage and Whiz Khalifa to Rob’s parents.

• Britain’s Darkest Taboos, Crime & Investigation Network, 21.00

Josh Davies was Rebecca’s on/off boyfriend for two years. He spent almost every minute at the Oatley house and Rebecca’s mom Sonia says she treated him like a son: “He met all of the family and was ever so polite, everyone liked him.” The couple broke up in January 2010 and Sonia says Becca noticed a change in him after that. Josh planned to kill Rebecca, and even made a bet with a pal to do it in exchange for a breakfast. On the day of the murder Josh took Rebecca into a remote area and tried to break her neck. When she started screaming, he picked up a rock and began smashing her skull.