I Am a simple writer. I don’t ask for much. Just a roof over my head, food in my belly and a BlackBerry battery that doesn’t die every 20 minutes.

So if someone somewhere out there is sitting on the cure for the BB, then it’s okay, you can come out now. As soon as you’re ready. Any moment now. It’s not going to happen before you are finished reading this article, is it?

Okay, got it.

While that invention would be much appreciated by some smart phone users, there are other inventions that serve a purpose for the greater good of all humanity.

They are documented in Game Changers, a series starting on TopTV’s Discovery Science on Friday.

Game Changers puts the spotlight on the rebels of science. Those folk who don’t spend all day in white coats staring at funnels and stuff.

These are your average Joes who have managed to come up with some inventions that may have an extraordinary impact on the day-to- day lives of everyone.

Hosted by Andrew Anthony, don’t be surprised to see that a lot of these guys are burly gentlemen who look like they find nothing more exciting than to finally show their invention to the world. It’s as if they never really left the grade 5 science fair.

Anyway, this season there’s a guy who created a new sight system that makes it as easy as pie for soldiers to aim and fire around corners. Pretty cool, huh?

Then there are two BFFs who came up with the idea to create bionic legs.You’ll also see the college friends who developed a renewable bio-diesel.

From aerospace technology to all things military, this show uncovers it all. These inventions are great and fascinating to watch and, thank goodness, no one has taken the poor old “country” called Africa on as a pet project.

My only concern is, when are normal people actually going to get to use these inventions for their benefit? It’s a little like how to use a lyric from the eloquent poet of our times, Kanye Omari West: Magic Johnson got a cure for Aids and all the broke motherf***ers passed away.

Here’s hoping the inventions showcased in the coming episodes can, and will, actually be used by the world at large and not just those who can afford to test them out.

• Game Changers premieres on Discovery Science (TopTV channel 302) on July 6 at 9pm.