People often rave about how J.Lo or Naomi Campbell never seem to age, but no one seems to look at people such as the dynamic actress and fashion designer LisaRaye McCoy.

Of course, she has been on and off the A-list, but is sufficiently well known to be able to make a successful comeback any time she wants to. That may explain her new show, LisaRaye: The Real McCoy. Quite an apt name.

Some people may be wondering who this McCoy character is and, depending on the kind of entertainment you like, you may have seen her face before.

She has starred in a number of sitcoms including Martin, Moesha and All of Us and has had roles in movies such as The Player’s Club and the TV series Hawthorne and Single Ladies.

If that doesn’t jog your memory, then perhaps you’ve seen her pictured with her little sister, rapper Da Brat. The long and the short of it is the lady has had some sort of brush with entertainment and with her secret fountain-of- youth formula, she could bounce back to the days when she was on top of her game.

She is like the beautiful actress Vivica A Fox, only we do not know how much surgical work she has had done, if any. All the same, at 45 she looks incredible and with that also comes some serious experience.

When she was on top of her game, we saw her in numerous music videos including Jamie Foxx’s Unpredictable, Tupac’s Toss It Up and Lil’ Kim’s Download. In all these videos she is a lead character mainly because of her good looks. It would be interesting to see her in a Lil’ Wayne, Anthony Hamilton or Chris Brown song.

Maybe Brown is too young to have her as a love interest, but then again, Nick Canon married a much older Mariah Carey, so it shouldn’t be shocking.

On the sitcom front it will be interesting to see her as a lead character in a new comedy. If you look at her peers, Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold, who were on top of their game in the 1990s, they still have successful shows that keep them busy.

Campbell signed up for the Damon Wayans sitcom My Wife and Kids, while Arnold is in the hilarious Everybody Hates Chris.

McCoy is just as beautiful and as talented as those two so it should not come as a surprise when a casting agent gives her a call.

When it comes to movies, McCoy really has two choices. She can join the Tyler Perry bandwagon and play some hurt woman who cries from start to end, or she can do some serious damage in action films.

Not the Die Hard kind of movies, but the ones with a softer, delicate edge to them, perhaps with hints of comedy. Think the role Vivica A Fox played in Kill Bill where she was as beautiful as a model, yet had incredible martial arts skills that matched Jackie Chan’s. McCoy could match that.

Here’s hoping her reality show about her bouncing back shows us this side. After all, she has all the ingredients of a star, making her… wait for it… the real McCoy.

• LisaRaye: The Real McCoy, Fridays at 7pm on Vuzu (DStv channel 123).