The notorious Gumede family from e-TV's telenovela ‘Gold Diggers’ held a media lunch on Tuesday at their new home in Orlando East, to do a set visit for season two.

The telenovela drew attention of the viewers when the second season debuted in September 2016.

Head writer Loyiso Maqoma said Gold Diggers fans can expect more thrills, new characters and the family's challenges of adjusting in the new world without crime.

“The big exclusive is the arrival of Zakes who's the son of Reverend Moloi and his arrival is a big surprise because when a new character comes in it is very intriguing.

“Zakes was a big king pin before he went to jail and he has came back to claim his kingdom, we also look forward to what the clash between two villains is going to look like when it ultimately happens - and who's going to survive.”

Award-winning movie and TV actress Tina Jaxa, who plays Big Boy's second wife, said she had to read abnormal psychology books to prepare for her character on the soapie.

“A week prior going to set I had to read an abnormal psychology book to help me with my character. May has five different personalities and my fear was not being able to snap out of May's character and become Tina again. It's not easy playing a crazy woman”.

Despite being in the industry for years Clementine Mosimane - who plays Ruth, Patrick's first wife said - there are still financial challenges for actors, and it's not as easy as fans perceive it to be.

“Things are different from what they used to be. Back then actors and actress got paid because a production was willing to meet them half way. Now, for you to get what you want you have to fight because everytime you go to a production they tell you there isn't enough budget”.

The popular rapper Zulu Boy, who plays Big Boy, said playing the role is a bit challenging but he loves the fact that he gets to speak Zulu language in places where there are no Zulu speaking people.

“Bad Boy is hardheaded and he always wants things to be done according to his way and that sometimes is not the correct way. I love that he keeps the Zulu language and culture alive by speaking it in an environment where people don't speak the language at all.”