Shannon Purser plays Sierra. Picture: Netflix

The title of the Netflix film is jarring. "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser". It’s not a question. It’s not even said with trepidation, bewilderment or even a slight suspicion. It’s said as a fact: Sierra Burgess is a loser.

The viewer is introduced to Sierra (played by Shannon Purser). She is a socially awkward teenager with a poor body image, and despite being a gifted intellectual and a flutist in the school's marching band, she doesn't quite cut it as the poster child of cool.

There are many stereotypical characters  — the cute jock, the mean pretty girl and their various sidekicks — but what’s not typical is the way in which Sierra stands up for herself from the start. She doesn’t grow confidence, her confidence is in knowing she’s smart.

In the film, she must work together with the mean girl who loves to roast her so they can both get what they want. Sierra has been texting the cute jock and they seem like a match made in heaven. Except, the entire time, the jock believes he’s texting the mean girl.

There’s a swapping of identities that’s hilarious to watch. But there’s a deeper level to the story: the idea that real life is not a fairytale. So you don’t always get the girl, or ride off into the sunset. Sometimes you have to make amends when you’ve been wrong. That’s one of the best reasons to stream "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser" on Netflix.