AFTER 28 years in the industry, Jack Wagner isn’t as indulgent with the media. So when you decide on a one-on-one, its best to walk in prepared – as a journo before me embarrassingly discovered.

I didn’t make the same mistake and, in him opening up during our chat, it was clear that he appreciated my questions.

Although South Africans will identify Wagner with his role as Nick Marone in The Bold and the Beautiful, there are many facets to him.

In the 1980s and 1990s, he was a singer with immea-surable success. He is also an avid golfer – when he makes it to the golf course, that is.

On his acting career, the 51-year- old offers: “I have the same passion as I had when I was 16 and did my first play. Just the whole feeling of being on stage and the process, I’ve never lost that inspiration, that drive.”

Having made an indelible impression on shows such as General Hospital, Santa Barbara, Melrose Place and As the World Turns, he says he doesn’t have any hassle slipping into character, but he leaves it behind and moves on.

“The role I had the most fun playing, TV-wise, would be Dr Peter Burns (Melrose Place). He was sort of an evil character who could redeem himself. Theatrically, it was when I played Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway.

“To be a heroic character all the time is limiting.”

The veteran actor has been on The Bold and the Beautiful for eight years and loves every minute of it.

“Nick has transformed from his loner days as a sea captain who loved to smoke and drink. And he isn’t a dark person or evil character. Now he wants a family and is very connected to this mother,” he says.

On his screen rivalry with Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss), Wagner smiles: “I think it is awesome to have these two kinds of dominant males. Ridge is the alpha male in the family and Nick is always trying to interject with Brooke. I think Bill Spencer has been a nice add recently.”

So what is the fascination with Brooke Logan?

“Nick’s moved on to marrying Bridget (Brooke’s daughter) for the third time,” he shares.

With Nick and Bridget about to become parents, Wagner teases: “There is a big twist on that family story. It is brutal and it’s going to be twisted up more than ever.”

I guess that means we should stay tuned to the unfolding melodrama.

Thanks, Jack, your job here is clearly done!