Cast of iKhaya. Picture: Supplied

I still firmly believe that iKhaya is one of the most entertaining local shows on TV at the moment. It's one of those shows that you wish you could binge on.  

When we last left off, things were beginning to unravel. Since then, here’s what’s happened. 

It’s heating up in the kitchen as all the lies and secrets that’s been hidden for years have started to spill over, but I can’t seem to help feel sorry for Eddie. 

One the one hand, his first wife, Raisibe surprises him by coming to Joburg, but her motives are to make sure that everything is as what Eddie says it it and to see her their daughter Mosima. 

On the other hand Eddie’s second wife and family are falling apart. 

Everyone’s seen the social media video of Landani and Swizz doing the nasty, and he’s been kicked of the basketball team. Landani also finds out that Frank is his real dad and so does Eddie. And on the verge of commiting suicide - we will have to wait for next week to find out.

Eddie thinks that Cebile has gone to far this time and packs his suitcase and leaves home, but he conveniently goes straight into the arms of Raisibe. 

It must be hard for him to turn his emotions off and on like a switch. But he pulls it off with ease. 

Then there’s Zenzi, she goes from zero to hero real quick with drugs she gets from her friend - she’s also on the verge of dying because of this. 

Lastly, there’s Mosima, who just saw her dad’s pictures framed in Lindani’s house. 

* Catch iKhaya next week Monday at 8pm to find out whether it’s game over for Eddie.