Amrita Acharia as Dr Ruby in The Good Karma Hospital. Picture: Supplied
Amrita Acharia as Dr Ruby in The Good Karma Hospital. Picture: Supplied

Dr Ruby Walker's love life is under threat in 'The Good Karma Hospital', S3

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Feb 5, 2020

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Known to be a heart warming universal story, which also tackles pertinent issues like domestic violence and homosexuality, "The Good Karma Hospital" is back on BBC Brit and is as fiery as ever.  

Set once again on the stunning Southern Indian shores of Sri Lanka, Dr Ruby is in the spotlight for her return to "The Good Karma Hospital" and for her simmering relationship with Dr Gabriel Varma which is under threat. 

So far, the season saw the couple get closer than ever before, only to be blindsided by the arrival of Dr Aisha Ray, a talented, glamorous older surgeon from Dr Varma’s past. 

“Ruby makes her return to the hospital when she takes her pregnant sister, Barsha in. 

"While there, a lot of drama happens around many pregnant women. Ruby steps in. Thereafter Ruby has a moment to sit down and take in the surroundings again. I think it’s at that point she realises that she does miss being at the hospital,” says Acharia.  

From what we’ve seen, Ruby has tried to set things straight from the start with Dr Aisha Ray, but there is more than meets the eye. 

“Ruby later finds out that Gabriel and Aisha were in a relationship, and not only that, but Gabriel was the other man, as Aisha was married. I think Ruby senses that it wasn’t just a coincidence that she arrived how and when she did. 

"Ruby gauges the level of connection that these two have and the fact that they have a much longer history than Ruby and Gabriel have. Obviously, it is a threat to their relationship and Ruby senses they have unfinished business,” she says.  

She says, Ruby almost feels like a third wheel as she sees Gabriel and Aisha always being put together in surgical situations, not dissimilar to how Ruby and Gabriel were in season one and two. 

“I think Ruby just feels like he’s slipping further and further away from her and she can’t compete with their history. Not to mention the fact Aisha knows more about Gabriel than Ruby does,” she says. 

She said, this season the series goes to darker places than ever before, but it is through the bonds of family and friendship – rekindled and strengthened over the season  – that the team weather their biggest challenges yet.

“These stories are even more realistic than the last couple of seasons and with a lot of twists and turns. Viewers can expect an even higher level of drama than before,”she said. 

On the next episode: In the chaos of Diwali, Lydia tries to help a mysterious runaway teenager. Gabriel and Aisha bond over their past when they’re thrown together in a Diwali clinic. Ted’s search reveals new surprises about the mark he left on India. Jyoti discharges herself, but is she ready to go home? 

Catch "The Good Karma Hospital" on Mondays at 8pm on BBC Brit.

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