Self-confessed romantic and choreographer Ashley Banjo.
Self-confessed romantic and choreographer Ashley Banjo.

'Flirty Dancing' is a dating show with a twist

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jun 23, 2019

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A new feel-good dating show with a twist is coming to BBC Lifestyle.

In "Flirty Dancing", self-confessed romantic and choreographer Ashley Banjo plans to play cupid using his skills to bring people together through the art of dance.

Banjo, who met his wife through dancing, believes something electric happens when people dance together – so each week he takes two complete strangers and sends them on a mesmerising dance date like no other in a series of spectacular locations.

Ashley will teach each person one half of a fully choreographed routine, they rehearse separately without setting eyes on their match, then after just four days of rehearsals, they see each other for the first time – no talking, just dancing.

“I met my wife while dancing, so I believe that dance brings out a spark that you would not necessarily see immediately through a normal conversation,” said Banjo.

He has been dancing since he was 5 years old and said that dance has the power to bring people together.

“I dance with my little brother and best friend, I believe that it has brought my family closer. Dance is a universal language.People understand it. You don’t have to use words to say what you feel. Watching these couples dance and looking at the chemistry gives me goosebumps. It’s a successful method and it forms a stronger bond between the couple,” he said.

Before the couples are paired together, they are put through various interviews to determine what they want from a partner and also determine what dance level they are at.

“We did interviews with each person and paired people who we thought would match each other. We also matched them on a dance level. Some people are hard to read, but usually within the first 30 seconds of the dance, I can guess whether the couple have chemistry or not. There are a lot of body cues and the amount of time eye contact they hold that says a lot about how they feel,” Banjo said.    

He said in a world where there is not enough positive, this feel good show is about dance, love and imperfection.

“We live in a world of swiping left and right in order to find romance, finding that connection with someone can be tricky. This is a show that you’re not going to see anywhere else,” he said.  

Watch "Flirty Dancing" on BBC Lifestyle from June 24 at 6pm.  

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