Ms Juicy. Picture: Supplied
Ms Juicy. Picture: Supplied

Ms. Juicy tells all about latest 'Little Women: Atlanta' season

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published May 14, 2019

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The latest season of the wildly popular reality show, "Little Women: Atlanta" returned to Lifetime earlier this month. 

While there are big changes this season, one of our favourites, Ms. Juicy still remains the center of attention.

We spoke to Ms. Juicy, who shares her thoughts on the "Little Woman" franchise and how she remains a fan favourite.

The "Little Women" franchise has grown tremendously, how do you feel?

I'm amazed but I'm not surprised because it's a great franchise.  All the women have unique personalities so it was guaranteed to be successful. We have the perfect blend of drama, sass, love, loyalty and crazy to make the reality world go round.

What in store for season five? 

Something new, fun, exciting adventures, competition and careers. Everyone is putting it all out there. Season five is our best yet. Cheeks and Abira are back and Sam and Tanya are no longer with us. Sadly, we also had to say goodbye to Monie as she had to deal with parenting priorities back home in Texas.

What is happening in Ms. Juicy's life this season?

Being simply fabulous as usual LOL, but I’m also diving more into the careers and lives of others. I enjoy empowering little people - especially little women - to chase their dreams and shatter glass ceilings.

I'm pretty sure you have the largest fan base worldwide - how do you remain so fabulous?

Why thank you LOL, but I remain this way by being true to myself and keeping it all the way 100!! What you see is certainly what you get!

What has been the highlight of this season for you?

The girls competition - everyone is throwing down and bringing their best to prove that they are the best. It’s exciting and fun to watch.

Life in front of the camera must be exhausting?

It is exhausting at times but I live for this! I wouldn’t trade any of this for a boring, mundane lifestyle. Bring it, honey.

Aside from the entertainment, do you think people can learn any lessons from the show?

Yes! Take your career seriously because opportunities are not always going to be around. You are the only person in control of your destiny.

* Watch "Little Women: Atlanta" on Lifetime  (DStv 131), Wednesdays at 7.55pm.

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