Jay Hernandez Magnum PI. Picture: Supplied

Having been a fan of MacGyver, Knight Rider, Dallas and Magnum PI, among a myriad other classics of the time, that nostalgia compels you to watch a few reruns. 

Sadly, when watching The A-Team and Knight Rider, it’s dated feel ruins whatever romanticised notions you may have held of the show from your naive youthfulness.

That said, I can watch "Magnum PI" and still, enjoy it. Maybe it’s the panache that Tom Selleck brought to the role of Thomas Magnum, a Navy Seal-turned-private investigator for a seemingly aloof affluent novelist Robin Masters.

Aside from that trademark moustache, that he retains to this day in "Blue Bloods," he was the Alex O’Loughlin ("Hawaii 5.0") of the 1980s.

Tall, devilishly handsome with disarming dimples to boot, only he could wear those floral shirts and make it look macho. Now we have a remake coming to the small screen.

This time, Jay Hernandez (Javier Manuel Hernandez Jnr.) takes on the challenge of bringing Selleck’s magic to the small screen.

In an interview, Hernandez said: “Part of it was that they wanted to do something different. My take is that they wanted to not try to replace Tom Selleck and not try to find somebody that looked and felt like Tom Selleck, because that’s a recipe for disaster.

“They changed Higgins, who’s a woman now, they’ve added a little more action and there’s a little bit of comedy with the drama.”

* Tune in to M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 8pm, on Wednesday to find out.