Picture: Screengrab/YouTube
Trevor Noah rarely misses an opportunity to highlight social injustices, so when "The Daily Show" host learned of growing tensions over the Arctic and how to deal with global warming and access to mineral wealth, he couldn't resist the urge to take a jab at colonising for mineral wealth.

In a skit shared on the late-night show, Noah and the show's correspondents warn the Arctic about what happens when "white men" visit and the red flags they need to watch out for, like "staying for a few days really means 250 years" and that when they say borrow don't fall for it because they don't like giving sh*t back. 

While Noah's message might be tongue-in-cheek, he is highlighting a growing concern as countries have been scrambling to claim territory or, like China, boost their presence in the region as thawing ice raises the possibility of exploiting much of the world's remaining undiscovered reserves of oil and gas, plus huge deposits of minerals such as zinc, iron and rare earth metals.

Top diplomats from the United States, Russia and other nations which border the Arctic meet in Finland on Monday to discuss policies governing the polar region.