Mike Tyson. Picture: Supplied
There used to be a time when giving Tyson the microphone was a recipe for disaster. 
He has, on various occasions, and always live on air, threatened to eat Lennox Lewis' children, kill that muthaf***er (our very own Francois Botha); f*** you till you love me (some un-named reporter at a press conference), and very memorably called a Canadian TV presenter a "rat piece of sh*t".
But that was real life. 
In the make-believe world of entertainment, a more sedate Tyson has been only too happy to parody his "Baddest Man on the Planet" reputation, resulting in some unforgettable moments....

2nd Round Knockout

In the late 90s, Iron Mike sided with rapper Canibus is a well-publicised beef with rap legend LL Cool J. Tyson lent his unmistakable vocals to a song considered one of the coldest diss-tracks ever recorded, and featured in a music video where he trained the spindly rapper in a series of Rocky inspired scenes. The common consensus in the hip hop world at the time, was that Canibus won.

In the air tonight

Tyson has previously spoken of his love for the Phil Collins hit In the Air Tonight, and poured what appeared to be his heart and soul into a memorable cover version in the film The Hangover. He followed that up with a right hook that had "Heavyweight champion of the world" written all over it. Time for Soulja Boy to Superman it out of here. Like, Pronto.

Every Little Step I Take

Unlike Muhammed Ali, Tyson never did any floating in the ring. Instead it was his opponents who would routinely float off into dreamland. So imagine the surprise when twinkle toes Tyson joined comedian Wayne Brady for a fantasy rendition of Bobby Brown's Every Little Step You Take. Simultaneously funny and scary, it is entirely possible that Tyson would have shown more rhythm standing still.