Jamie, Reza, Jenny, newbies for foodies

Published May 18, 2015


FOODIES, prepare yourselves for an onslaught of more shows. And it’s a mix of the old with a bit of new.

For those who missed Kamini Pather’s debut show, Girl Eat World, on Food Network on Friday, you really did miss out. This social media-pioneered series is truly amazing as it interweaves food with travel across 10 countries.

Also, Pather is refreshingly (and comically) honest with her adventurous palate.

While on the topic of Food Network, another South African celebrity chef, Jenny Morris, has been partnered with Reza Mahammad in Jenny and Reza’s Fabulous Food Academy. It is coming to the channel soon. Fans can expect a fabulous fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine – blended with Mahammad’s OTT theatrics and Morris’s effervescent personality.

Added to the menu is Man Fire Food (Tuesdays at 9pm). Host Roger Mooking is back for another fiery food adventure. And his taste buds seek out some of the best BBQ feasts known to man. From Hawaii to Jamaica, Roger encounters some incredible custom-built cooking machines. In New England, he is treated to the unique food traditions of the Rotary Club of Essex as they roast 136kg of fish, nailed onto oak boards, for the annual Shad Bake. A Spanish-inspired paella, stuffed roast pig and Mediterranean surf-and-turf also feature on the menu.

Our favourite Naked Chef is back (with clothes). This time Jamie Oliver is reinventing and upgrading the classic staple dishes of Britain in Jamie’s Comfort Food (May 20, BBC Lifestyle at 8pm). He tackles everything from the ultimate cheese toast to shepherd’s pie, chicken Kiev, and Bolognese ravioli. Oh, he also offers his take on the chicken tikka masala. This should be interesting.

Also on BBC Lifestyle is the return of Come Dine With Me Supersize. It airs on Friday, May 29 at 8pm. A format that is well-known to fans, not to mention the voice- over of the irrepressibly funny Dave Lamb at his sarky best. Cooking disasters and stupidly eccentric characters make this show a must-see. Of course, the cattiness of the dinner guests also spices up things.

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