Comedian Donovan Goliath, pictured, found himself waltzing off the show.

TALK about a treat – that is what Tebogo Kgobokoe’s specially choreographed piece to Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves was. A dynamite performer on that dance floor, the über sexy judge was in command with every step and facial expression.

After watching her, you certainly appreciate why she is so puritanical about technique. I bow to her mind-blowing prowess!

This week, Top Billing’s Jonathan Boynton-Lee found his niche – ballroom – and actor Ashish Gangapersad really brought his A-game. That consummately captivating performers like Leandi du Randt and Khanyi Mbau slid a few notches on the popularity scale with their hustle really drove home the fact that this is a competition and no one is safe.

Thankfully, John Mametsa, despite being exhausted, delivered a comeback of note with his hustle, which bagged him an ovation. And it has given our vibrant and funny host, Katlego Maboe, ideas about John Mametsa-ing Roxy Burger. Now, that I will pay to see!

Meanwhile, Michael Wentink is probably relieved that he has to remember only Boynton-Lee’s name going forward – he became embarrassingly confused with Donovan Goliath and him. After all, their names are so similar. Not!




Whenever Mametsa walks onto that dance floor, you know he is going to bring it. This week, he did just that.

I’m starting to think we should have a paramedic on standby for Samantha Peo. Once again, she couldn’t stop singing his praises.

Still catching her breath, Peo noted: “That was incredible. Sjoe, my heart is pounding because that was so exciting. I cannot believe how strong you are and how you have that strong technique in those lifts. I just don’t know where you have learnt that from. You are incredible. Now that was a hustle, baby!”

Michael Wentink responded: “You are a competitor in this competition and we will see you next week.”

And Kgobokoe thought “that was a killer performance” – as did the audience and the viewers at home.




Sigh, it was a terrible week for two of my favourite dancers: Du Randt and Mbau. Both have unfailingly hijacked our attention and praises since the start of Strictly.

Sadly, fatigue seemed to get the better of Du Randt and Mbau’s twitchiness with her routine saw her falter. However, it was handled gracefully and her humility was saluted.

While Peo was understandably confused about the sokkie being South Africa’s version of disco, Brandon (Du Randt’s partner) once again took issue with Wentink’s comments on the dance being over- choreographed and missing the boogie woogie. Meanwhile, Mbau and Quintus Jansen took the constructive criticism in their polished stride.

And Wentink didn’t hold back: “I feel it was wrong and messy tonight. Definitely, you are gorgeous to look at. But there was a lot of untidiness. Not what I’m used to from you.”




Having lost out on a comedy award seemed to have crushed Goliath’s competitive spirit. Sadly, the comments after his Viennese waltz didn’t do much to lift them; especially when he was called Jonathan (cough, cough).

Did he suspect that he would head home?

Goliath laughs: “It crossed my mind in the beginning because I just couldn’t fight the dizziness. At one point, I thought of getting intoxicated before my dance to counterbalance the dizziness (okay, I didn’t think that… but it would have been funny). We danced three fast, complex, energetic dances the weeks before and that’s what people got to know us for. So this felt like it would be a spanner in the works for us. Alas, I thought we had a great dance and I enjoyed every second of it.”

On the bright side, he did get his six-pack.

With Ngesi still flying the flag for the comedians, he says: “Siv is a great dancer and one of the hardest working people I know. He has such a strong spirit and will tackle any challenge wholeheartedly. He is one to watch in this competition!”

And so Goliath, as he predicted, became “the Leonardo DiCaprio of awards” as the third celebrity voted off Strictly Come Dancing.


• Strictly Come Dancing airs on Friday at 8pm on SABC3. Result show on Saturday at 7pm.