Papa Penny. Picture: Supplied

‘Keep your Minnie and Bonang shows #PapaPennyAhee is fire’, tweeted a fan as the new season of Papa Penny kicked off on Wednesday night.

The Tsonga disco king Penny Penny’s reality show is back with a bang and fans seemed excited as the show is still on the top of the trend list.

Despite the initial criticism of the show in its infant stages, the success of the first season surpassed fans expectations, leaving them craving for more.

Season 2 brought with it few a few surprises and some revelations; Papa Penny has his own personal chef - although his wife is not clearly not impressed that her husband hired someone to cook for him at their home.

Penny Penny also raised an issue of food poisoning. He clearly doesn't trust anyone because he was poisoned a few times before.

He even requested that his new chef eat the food has prepared in front of the entire family during dinner -  just to ensure he doesn’t poison him too.

Or perhaps Papa Penny is scared Mama Noni will give him korobela (love portion.

Papa Penny also hosted the party for his children and fans learnt something new words when Papa Penny separated the guests into categories VIP and NIP (Not Important People)

The musician clearly did not disappoint his fans with the debut of Papa Penny season 2: