With the number of contestants competing in this instalment of the Big Brother franchise – Star Game, you would swear you were lost in an over-populated place such as China.

Big Brother has an incredible 35 mouths to feed at present – a record.

While we’d like to talk at length about these individuals, space is at a premium and for that reason we’ll look at the residents of Upville first.

Each person here is a celebrity in their home country for one reason or another. So we know egos will run rampant in this house because their respective fans will be watching back home.

Barbz, South Africa: The last time I saw her on TV was on Vuzu’s 10 Over 10 where she claimed she did not follow any of the celebs featured on the show. The model came across as slightly egotistical and I am sure that will come up again as she knows she is attractive.

DKB, Ghana: This dude has worked as a comedian, TV presenter, event organiser and talent manager and hails from Accra. He entered Big Brother Star Game because he considers it a platform for people from different cultures to meet and bring out the best in themselves. Whatever that means. If he is really funny then we are probably going to enjoy his presence in the game.

GOLDIE, Nigeria: Now when missy here stepped on to the scene with a style we’d never seen, she spelt one word – diva. The musician from Lagos is hoping to use her innate generosity, humility, culinary abilities and style to win Big Brother Star Game.

LADY MAY, Namibia: Okay, let me get this off my chest. I almost choked on my cereal when I saw this woman do a cardio workout in high heels! Seriously! Forget what I said about Goldie, the diva in the house is Lady May. Back home she is an award-winning musician and can’t wait to have Africa’s eyes on her 24/7 and Big Brother Star Game will happily accommodate her.

Though she may look in control, she said her “not-so-perfect” teeth affect her smile and confidence and that giving herself a perfect grin would make her dreams come true. $ 300 000 (R2 354 000) could fix that, with a whole lot to spare.

MAMPI, Zambia: The R&B star comes across as a go-getter as she is on record saying “nothing will stop me from getting what belongs to me. I am going all-out”.

The singer from Lusaka said she was inspired to enter Big Brother Star Game by her fans.

“They know what I am capable of doing and they know I am a go-getter who will raise my Zambian flag high,” she said.

For her the best thing about Africa is that it is a beautiful and rich continent with friendly and cultured people. Her favourite place in Zambia is the Victoria Falls.

She cites God as a major influence in her life because he always delivers when she prays about something with all her heart.

Let’s see how her faith holds up in the house.

PREZZO, Kenya: Another musician, Prezzo entered Big Brother Star Game because he relishes a challenge. He says he is looking forward to being on Africa’s television screens 24/7 because he loves attention.

He hasn’t seen many of the shows’s previous seasons and says that if he wins, he will “cross that bridge when I get to it”.

Less emotional bonding with the prize makes him an interesting character to watch.

ROKI, Zimbabwe: Having listened to Roki’s music, it will be interesting to see him take part in Big Brother Star Game and what his real personality is really like.

Born in Harare, he’s known for being creative, quick-thinking, attentive, productive and soft at heart. In that order.

He has been told that his soft heart will be his downfall, but he reckons “it is just easier to let go of stuff”.

He promises viewers enter- tainment and says his family is behind him 100 percent. If he wins, he’ll follow his dream and go to Hollywood. Apart from the money and exposure, he hopes to open his mind by taking part in Big Brother Star Game and also deepen his understanding of Africa. His favourite Big Brother housemate from previous seasons is Vina.

He cites the legendary Hollywood film director Steven Spielberg as his role model “because he is an audio-visual genius” and says his mother has had a huge influence on him because of her endurance.

He is the middle child, with two sisters, and says his biggest achievement so far is winning an award for his music in 2008.

Well there you go. As you can tell, each participant has their own fanbase. But who will bow out first?

Let the games begin.