Jacqueline Pinto and Lee. Picture: Supplied

The season finale is nearing and three women remain on "The Bachelor SA". At this stage of the show, not only are their hearts pounding, but those of their fans too.

On Thursday's episode, the remaining ladies Jozaan Dique, Michelle Reddy and Gina Myers will be enjoying a tropical island getaway to Mauritius with Lee.

We spoke to the bubbly Portuguese beauty, Jacqueline Pinto, who was voted off last week.  

How was the experience?

The experience was one of which I will never forget. I often compared the experience as looking into a mirror, sometimes even into a magnifying glass. You’re faced with yourself though the journey, often with parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable or vulnerable. At times you feel insecure, jealous, scared and then at other times brave, unique, and strong. Facing and learning to love each facet of myself was truly the most tough, amazing and rewarding experience of my life to date. I came to realise how important it is to self-love. I went on this journey to find love…I found it in more ways than one.

Lee visited your family and home, but didn’t choose you. How did that feel?

I was completely heartbroken and shocked, I had fallen in love with him after the big step of bringing him to my home. I felt that my home town couldn’t have gone better, Lee had said that it was the most comfortable he had felt, and so it was a complete blindside when I didn’t get a rose. I was left feeling confused after his reasoning too. How could anyone not be in their element when around their family. I believe that had he given me at least one one-on-one date it would have given him the opportunity to have seen this.  To be honest I still struggle with his explanation but I believe that the right person will recognize all that I am, and love me for it.

What did you take from this experience?

It has taught me to never be ashamed of who I am and what I feel. It’s reinforced in me that we all have the right to feel any emotion we want, to do what makes us happy. I learnt that people can do great things before they’re ready, they can do things before they know they can do it. It’s definitely been a growing and unveiling experience for me.

Would you enter a love competition again?

In a heartbeat. It’s the most unconventional and uncomfortable environment in which to find love but yet, I did, I found love. Being so fully removed from your comfort zone enables you to deeply embrace all that the experience has to offer, it allows you to experience emotions you didn’t know you could. Like I said, I would do this all again, for love, in a heartbeat.

Who do you think will leave tonight?

I honestly believe that Lee has his mind made up with regard to his top two ladies, I believe the next to go will be Michelle.