Chef Nti tells her food story through SA heritage on Food Network channel

Chef Nti. Picture: Supplied

Chef Nti. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 23, 2021


Viewers will get a taste of South African cuisine in Chef Nti’s new food show, Street Food in Africa, on the Food Network channel.

Chef Nthabiseng Nti Ramaboa is not new to TV, however, being on an international platform has really given her the opportunity to showcase her township heritage to the world.

“I’ve done a few shows since 2016. However, hosting ’Street Food in Africa’ is by far the highlight of my career.

“The show is on the biggest network in the world showing in over 140 countries – it does not get better than for me,“ said Chef Nti.


The chef, who describes her relationship with food as healthy, said even when she cooks, she tries to tell a story with her food.

“I love food. I go out of my way to have a healthy relationship with food. I never do diets, even as a teenager, I never did.

“I am proud of our heritage as a South African girl from the township, and I try to tell that story with food,” she said.

On the show, Chef Nti will be showcasing authentic yet easy food recipes that viewers can whip up with everyday ingredients.

“Viewers will get to see me share some of my favourite street food snacks in Mzansi.

“I am introducing South African food culture to the world, taking them on a culinary journey across all provinces.

“We make local sandwiches from kota to bunny chow, to Cape Malay cuisine, Durban curries, Eastern Cape cuisines and my favourite township snacks. It is fun, easy recipes using everyday ingredients,” said chef Nti.

Growing up in Soweto, Chef Nti and her family used simple ingredients to make their meals. On the show she says, while still using these ingredients, she will give meals a modern take.

“Food is identity, I grew up living a very simple life in Soweto, we used everyday ingredients.

“On the show, I celebrate our heritage food and give them a modern take. I am obsessed with Chakalaka, so you will be seeing a lot of it”.

Her favourite meal is uShatini (tomato relish), she says it accompanies every meal.

“Think about it – papa ne nyama, pasta sauces, rice dishes, kits just endless what you can do with it,” she said.

Just enjoying the present, Chef Nti said she is still taking it all in, before planning her next big food move.

“I have just launched my new show on the biggest network in the world, this is an exciting time for me. I am taking it all in – taking my time to enjoy the process,” she ended.

Street Food in Africa” airs on Wednesdays on the Food Network channel at 7.55pm. Repeats on Thursday at 11.40pm and Sunday at 2.45pm.

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