Derek Watts reveals that he will not be returning to Carte Blanche

Derek Watts. Picture: Supplied

Derek Watts. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 19, 2023


In an unexpected announcement today, South Africa's iconic TV anchor, Derek Watts, revealed that he will not be returning to the long-running investigative journalism show, Carte Blanche.

The news comes as a shock to fans and colleagues alike, who have admired his work and dedication for decades.

Watts, renowned for his distinguished career spanning over 35 years on Carte Blanche, spoke candidly about his ongoing battle with cancer.

In an interview with Rapport, he shared that after careful consideration and discussions with the show's team, he has decided to step away and focus on his recovery.

The anchor expressed gratitude for his time on the program but acknowledged that it was time to move on.

The beloved TV personality's decision has left many viewers saddened, as he has been a prominent figure on South African television for several generations. Derek's legacy extends beyond his role as an anchor; he has become a symbol of quality journalism and trustworthiness for the show's audience.

While this marks the end of Derek Watts' chapter on Carte Blanche, South Africans will undoubtedly cherish the memorable stories and insightful reporting he contributed over the years. His dedication to uncovering truth and informing the public has left an indelible mark on the country's media landscape.

As Watts embarks on a new journey, fans, colleagues, and viewers alike wished him well in his continued fight against cancer and whatever lies ahead for the esteemed anchor.

His absence will undoubtedly be felt, but his contributions to journalism in South Africa will not be forgotten.