Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall's travel the country in 107 days in 'Hitched'. Picture: Supplied

A brand new local travel show on Discovery Channel takes viewers on a journey around the country to find the legendary water-dwelling creature of the Congo River basin folklore, Mokele-Mbembe.

'Hitched', a ten-part documentary series, follows Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall's incredible journey across 107 days, travelling through 10 countries and covering an astounding distance of 15,000 km via 92 rides. 

Starting at home in Durban, South Africa, they walk and hitch rides in trucks, cars and buses, and catch lifts on trains, motorcycles, bicycles and boats, traversing countries such as Botswana and Namibia, to Zambia and Tanzania, before finally reaching the Democratic Republic of Congo to find the legendary Mokele-Mbembe. 

With each country and crossing bringing its own laws and restrictions, they face challenging times adapting.

The show is produced by Tomfoolery.  

“People like to think that everything worth discovering in the world has already been discovered, and we seem to pride ourselves in ‘knowing everything’. That’s why the idea of Mokele Mbembe has always been so exciting for us - it’s something that’s so foreign to our world and represents the idea that there are still places worth exploring and things worth discovering,” said Jordan.

“This has been an amazing journey for us. Being able to live out our childhood dream and hitch-hike through our striking continent, has been incredible and life-changing. It allowed us the opportunity to learn so much about the diverse cultures, brought us close to so many interesting people and really exposed us to the general beauty of simplistic African travel,” says Luke.

Will Luke and Jordan realise their dream and prove the existence of Mokele Mbembe? 

'Hitched' premieres on August 7 at 8 pm on Discovery Channel (DStv 121).