Is AKA getting ready for lobola negotiations?

AKA and Nelli Tembe. Picture: Instagram

AKA and Nelli Tembe. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 19, 2021


Last month, rapper AKA put a ring on his 21-year old girlfriend, Nelli Tembe.

Now it looks like he is getting ready to enter into lobola negotiations.

The “Fela In Versace” hitmaker took to Twitter to ask fellow tweeps if they could let him know the price of a cow.

He wrote: “Quick question. What’s the going rate for a Cow Cow in ZAR these days .... asking for a friend”.

— AKA (@akaworldwide) March 18, 2021

Tweeps being tweeps could not give AKA a straightforward answer and asked a bunch of questions like if he was looking for a male or female cow, a small, medium or large cow or whether he wanted an auction or ceremonial cow.

Then they gave him prices ranging from as little as R1 000 for a stolen cow from Zimbabwe to R120 000 for an auction cow.

One user went as far as giving AKA a lesson on lobola negotiations.

“If she’s a Zulu girl and they are not greedy they’ll be asking about 100k, after negotiations they’ll go down to 70k .. pay 50k you can get married. Umfazi akaqedwa . Y’all translate that last part for him,” tweeted Zodwa Mhlongo.

About the cows others said:

“Depends on where the cow was born. ...for instance if the cow is Bloemfontenian then R5k will do Basotho from across the boarder will organise, a Xhosanian cow +- R3k ..limpompo R1k since many are stolen from Zimbabwe,” said @Unwante22243142.

While @ScelonG said: “It depends Mega on the breed and purpose. For auction, a cow can go up to R120 000 and more. For a ceremony, normally, around R15 000 (biggest bull). For lobola, those can be negotiated. They normally range from R10 to 12 000 (Biggest) and others are less than that”.

AKA and Tembe confirmed their relationship just months after his public break up with his baby mama, DJ Zinhle - then in February 2021, he posted a picture of what looked like an engagement ring on Tembe’s finger.

Will we be hearing wedding bells soon?

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