KykNET’s new telenovela ‘Diepe Waters’ is full of intrigue, secrets and forbidden love

The cast of ‘Diepe Waters’. Picture: Supplied

The cast of ‘Diepe Waters’. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 2, 2022


After the successful productions of “Arendsvlei”, “Afgrond” and “Projek Dina”, Penguin Films have added another feather to their hat with their latest offering, “Diepe Waters”.

Set on the backdrop of the Swartmarlyne swimming club run by Gys Swarts, the club is a family business in which the Swarts sons, Rossouw and Jacques, are involved.

Here a family business is a breeding ground for drama and, as such, there is no room for peace and tranquillity in the Swarts household.

Kicking off in October on kykNET, the telenovela is full of intrigue, secrets, forbidden love and above all, a story with heart and depth.

Director of the kykNET channels Waldimar Pelser said: “’Diepe Waters’ was created by a world-class team that knows kykNET’s viewers.

“Every weekday evening between Monday and Thursday at 6pm, these characters will live in the homes of our viewers, with whom we hope they fall in love.

“Our vocation is to tell captivating, authentic stories viewers can kick off their evening’s viewing pleasure with. We hope ‘Diepe Waters’ will meet our viewers’ high expectations.”

To add to the tension, Gys’s grandchildren, Karla and Johan, also swim for Swartmarlyne’s swimming team.

Karla is a young teenager who struggles with the daily pressure of being a champion. It’s not without merit either, since her mother, Sanet, believes she can win a scholarship overseas and never expects anything less than perfection from Karla.

Johan, on the other hand, yearns for his Grandpa Gys’s approval, but is just never as good as Karla is.

Rossouw and Sanet have their lives disrupted when an unexpected visitor walks through the door. Jacques, who still lives on Gys’s property, is the flaming hot coach whose attention all the swimming moms and aqua aerobics aunties fight for.

His kind heart and soft personality have them all swooned by him.

“Diepe Waters” sees several families going to the extreme to make sure they keep their heads above water.

Zelda Joubert, the owner of the beauty salon Skinvestment, cannot stand Gys. This century-old disapproval of Gys gives Zelda a new bounce in her step when she realises that she should rather keep her enemies as close as possible.

The fact that the apple of Zelda’s eye, Meghan, is not even her own blood makes it very difficult for Pam, her daughter, to rise above Zelda’s high standards.

Lettie runs her own successful café and it’s here where the characters find solace for their souls – not only in Lettie’s freshly baked goods but also on her shoulder.

Henry takes on the role of the new caretaker at the club and his adopted son, Tshepo,serves as a major threat to Johan and his reputation.

Karla befriends the new swimming club member Nina and the two share their deep dark secrets.

Creative producer of “Diepe Waters”, Roberta Durrant, said: “This show is unusual and something different, yet a telenovela about love, secrets, intrigue and plans to take revenge.

“We have an incredible cast and interesting setting and we hope that the viewers will resonate with that.”