Dr Cathy Davies in the new local TV series Outpatients. Picture: Supplied

This August, Fox Life will be celebrating women and showcasing their various talents through different content. 

Aesthetic medicine takes centre stage as Dr Cathy Davies, a medical doctor with a special interest in aesthetics, who runs a successful practice in Johannesburg and who transforms the lives of ordinary people and celebrities alike. 

She is soon-to-be-seen in the new locally produced reality series, Outpatients, premiering on FOX Life from August 1.

Outpatients unpack the modern approach to aesthetic procedures and breakthroughs with innovative techniques and methods. From helping victims of violent injuries, to burn victims or those seeking life-changing hair restoration, Dr Cathy Davies is making a real difference. 

The life-changing cases featured in Outpatients will tug at the heartstrings. Follow the journey of a 17-year-old girl who was attacked by a lion in Kruger Park, a little boy who is a burn victim and a woman who survived an acid-attack by her ex-boyfriend. 

Dr Cathy Davies on the new local TV series Outpatients. Picture: Supplied

All of these are given Dr Cathy’s magic touch of aesthetic surgery, combined with her tender love and care, with the result that they have a new lease on life.

Going under the knife isn’t a process that’s taken lightly. She explains, “The psychological state of a patient is critical. We are dealing with a ‘selfie’ obsessed era of people who expect to look like ‘airbrushed photos’ of people who do not exist in reality. 

Dr Cathy Davies on the new local TV series Outpatients. Picture: Supplied

"A very important part of the consult is to assess the patient’s expectations and psychological state before going ahead with any procedure. This is especially critical in young patients. It is very important to be able to say ‘no’ to a patient. 

We do also not want to create a group of people who lose their individuality and start to look the same. Scars and asymmetry can give people their uniqueness and beauty.”