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Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni share their experience hosting a financial game show

‘Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show’ hosts Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni. Picture: Supplied

‘Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show’ hosts Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 22, 2022


Nicolette Mashile aka the “Financial Fitness Bunny” and comedian, Tyson Ngubeni have both come a long way in their digital careers.

They both turned to the internet and created amazing content that has opened up several doors.

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They are now the hosts of the financial literacy game show, “Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show”.

On the set of the financial literacy game show, Mashile and Ngubeni recently decided that it was their turn to play the fun interactive game.

Behind the scenes, the pair spilled the tea on their questionable investment decisions, whether they’d ever fallen asleep on the job, and more.

Both Mashile and Ngubeni are having a ball hosting the show, remarking that the “people” are the best part of the show.

IOL Entertainment recently caught up with Mashile and Ngubeni to find out more about their experience as the show’s hosts.

What has been the best part about hosting the show?

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Tyson Ngubeni: By far the best part of the show has been the people! We've been so fortunate to have such a fantastic blend of contestants and I love seeing the different ways people’s competitiveness bursts through.

Sometimes it's in their intensity on the buzzers and also seeing the release of tension at the end of a round, and the genuine emotion as the show builds towards the end. There have been so many brilliant moments.

Nicolette Mashile: Being able to see families answer personal finance questions with so much ease. There are parts in the show, when I ask them why do you think that is and they answer and it's like a light bulb moment.

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So I think for me ultimately more than this being a game show, it’s an educational show. So you want people to leave the set, whether they won the R50 000 or not, understanding personal finance and I think that for me is absolutely magical.

What lessons have you learnt from the show?

TN: The whole premise of the show: games and challenges geared towards financial savviness, is something that will always draw my attention. Learning something new is in its very structure and that's something I really love.

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I'm one of those ‘I can never know enough’ types. I find new knowledge and info super exciting.

NM: I think what I will be taking forward in terms of lessons of being on the show is that people understand their personal finances, we now need to move them to the next step and that is taking the action. With personal finances you can know the theory but if you are not putting it into practice and creating a consistent habit of doing things.

For instance budgeting, it is a very simple process but you got to do it every single month and every single time.

Your biggest "never have I" reveal?

TN: In terms of the recent game I played with my brilliant co-host Nicolette Mashile; it might just be the fact that I could outshine her if we had some kind of cooking contest!

When it comes to money, though, I think my cautious self translates to some of the financial choices I've made as the years go by.

NM: I think I never had to hide money. I think maybe because I live alone, I don’t hide money, I stash money. I stash money in overseas and offshore accounts but I don’t hide money.

I’ve been very lucky to have started my relationship building with money at a young age. Money doesn't represent this huge thing for me, money for me is access.

“Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show” airs on SABC 2 at 7.30pm on Sundays.