Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Picture: Supplied

OpenView subscribers are in for a treat with the platforms latest channel, eReality, which caters for viewers with a love for real TV.

The channel opened on November 19, and comes after the successful opening of Open News, OpenView’s dedicated news channel.

eReality broadcasts some of the world’s most popular reality programmes like "Little Women: LA," "Cheaters," "Hoarding: Buried Alive," "Pawn Stars," "Botched!", "Myth Busters," "Border Security: America’s Frontline" and "Untold Stories of the ER".

Fans of extreme adventure reality will be enthralled by the likes of "Python Hunters and Running Wild with Bear Grylls". eReality will offer a peek at the peculiar, with shows like "Dating Naked" and "My Strange Addiction".

“Our decision to launch eReality was based on a combination of research and experience. Reality content has been very popular with our audience for a number of years and we felt that packaging a channel dedicated to reality programming would enhance our offering on OpenView,” said Marlon Davids, MD of

He said he content provided on eReality has a mixture of reality genres, with a strong focus on real life stories, fascinating personalities and human emotion in its rawest form.

“We explore the unusual, looking at everything from paranormal activity and extreme adventure, to medical anomalies and outrageous behaviour. We also have true crime and lighter shows. We also threw in a few old favourites, like Cheaters and The Biggest Loser USA,” said Davids.

When putting together the lineup together David said they considered the fact that our viewers have broad tastes and wanted to ensure that all reality fans would be able to find something compelling on the channel.

He said while there are no current plans to commission local reality shows on the channel. The channel is focused on broadcasting the best international reality programming available. “We have crafted our schedule to offer our viewers a variety of unscripted, binge-worthy content that has proven to be popular in countries around the world. The channel was created to meet the needs of our audience and our Openview viewers. We have tried to include something for everyone and believe that the offering will be compelling to a broader range of viewers,” David said.

In just a few days, the response from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive said Davids. 

“They are loving the variety and they are loving the premium content. We take their feedback very seriously and will keep listening to their feedback in order to further improve the channel. We hope that eReality will enhance their free entertainment options,” he said.