Nhlanhla Mahlangu and Fortunate Modise. Picture: Twitter

Loyal Our Perfect Wedding viewers must be familiar with the decor planner extraordinaire, sis Molly. 

Well this past Sunday, she switched role from decorator to mother of the bride.

Wedding planner extraordinaire Molly Mahlangu's 30-year old daughter Nhlanhla Mahlangu got married to 30-year old Fortunate Modise OPW style, viewed by the entire nation.

The young couple from Ga-Rankuwa officially met 10 years ago when Fortunate was stalking Nhlanhla.

"I've always known she'd be my wife," said Fortunate, since their childhood days he explained. But even though they didn't officially meet when they were young, Fortunate said he used to like Nhlanhla a lot. 

After attending her 21st birthday party, as a plus one to one of the guests, Fortunate hustled for her number and the rest is 'history'. 

Fortunate proposed in 2011 and they only decided to get married 8 years later because they wanted everything to be perfect. 

And perfect it was. For day one's reception, the couple chose white dining chairs, clear tables with a touch of olive green and gold.  And when it all came together beautifully, it looked heavenly. 

Nhlanhla Mahlangu and Fortunate Modise. Picture: Twitter

Nhlanhla wore an off-shoulder white gown accompanied by bridesmaids in Sacramento green. The groom looked elegant in a grey three-piece suit, with gold accents. 

Nhlanhla Mahlangu and Fortunate Modise. Picture: Twitter

And how can we forget sis Molly, looking all dramatic and queen-like in her Sacramento green ballroom dress with a very dramatic hat. Yaaasssss. 

And even for such a well-planned wedding, a little, very minute glitch popped up - with the bridesmaids forgetting their flowers at home and therefore causing a delay for the entire ceremony. 

Nhlanhla Mahlangu and Fortunate Modise. Picture: Twitter

However, the glitch was not enough to spoil such a beautiful wedding that ended with song and dance.

And in sis Molly style, day two presented a surprise for the couple, a helicopter ride that was a special treat from Molly herself. 

The couple changed twice into two different traditional outfits in another tent set up outside the groom's home. 

The two-day celebration was as amazing as how Molly pulls off other people's weddings.  And the couple agreed, dubbing their special day as their perfect wedding.