Mr and Mrs Ogochukwa. Picture: Twitter
Mr and Mrs Ogochukwa. Picture: Twitter

#OPW: Love knows no tribe when Xitsonga meets Naija

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Jan 14, 2019

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A love journey that started 14 years ago was finally joint in holy matrimony on Sunday with the marriage of Rosemary Ngobeni and Victor Ogochukwa.

The Xitsonga speaking bride found love in her Nigerian king after he pursued her during her college days and was determined to make her his wife. Victor asked Rosemary's friend for her number, and when he called her up the first time, adding that the conversation flowed naturally, like they'd known each other for years. 

At the time, Victor would make use of public phones to contact his love interest, but later took it a step further and arranged that he picks her up at school regularly.

"I was not afraid to get into the car... when I saw him first I just thought this guy is so handsome," she said laughing. 

But the relationship did not go down well with Rosemary's father, as he is not a fan of our Nigerian brothers. But with her brother's intervention, he finally accepted their relationship. 

But the challenge also existed on Victor's side, as his decision to marry someone who isn't from his tribe nor his country, was scrutinised. Another challenge was the language barrier, which still causes a problem till this day. The couple soldiered on regardless of the challenges and Victor paid lobola in 2000. 

Now they celebrated their union on television to show that love knows no tribe. 

Their huge wedding celebration of almost 1000 guests saw her bridesmaids changing into two dresses, one for the reception area and one for the matrimonial ceremony. 

Makoti wore a mermaid white gown with lace sleeves and wished her mother could see her in her dress as she lost her eyesight. 

The groom wore a silver suit, along with his groomsmen and were transported to the venue in a yellow Hummer Limousine. The ladies drove in a white limo. Levels. 

And in classic Nigerian style, the Makoti was adorned with money during her dance, before food was served and followed by more dancing. 

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