Nothando Mtshali. Picture: Twitter

A love that started back in varsity has seen Nothando Mtshali (28) and Mbuso Biyela (32) walk down the aisle on OPW on Sunday night. 

The couple from KZN did not immediately hit it off even though Mbuso fell for her at first sight. 

After meeting through Mbuso's roommate when Nothando came to get a test scope, she ignored his attempts at a conversation.  Later while at the study hall, he approached her again but he could still sense that she was not interested so he sneakingly took her phone to message himself. 

"We communicated for about three weeks (after that), never mentioning anything about dating," said Nothando. It didn't take long before their love started to grow. Together they have five children, two of which are from both their previous relationships and three from within. 

Their two-day celebration incorporated a white and traditional wedding. For day one, their chosen colours were gold white and peach. 

Nothando wore a mermaid dress that hugged her body in all the right places. "I wanted something that would accentuate the shape of my body," she said. Mbuso definitely agreed because, in the end, his wedding highlight was how beautiful his wife was. So cute.

He wore a blueish purple suit with peach and his groomsmen wore blue suits and peach.  The bridesmaids, on the other hand, wore peach dresses. 

Makoti took ages to get to their outside matrimonial venue and people became impatient. "I had to be beautiful on my wedding day and they didn't seem to understand," she said. 

But as soon as she arrived all was forgiven. "I saw her approaching. As she got out of the car, I forgot she was late. I forgot everything and saw this beautiful lady in front of me," said Mbuso. 

After their wedding vows, they went for their photo shoot and back to the beautifully decorated hall, which got a thumbs up from them. 

Day two, their traditional wedding, was an eventful one. Firstly, before umakoti (bride) could be introduced to the Biyela family, singing between the families had to take place. "It's a competition between my side of the family and hers." 

He must dance, sing and call out clan names to call her bride into his family. 

As soon as the families come together in song, a gift ceremony commences between the families, then only she is welcomed into the family. 

After the traditional elements were taken care of, the celebrations continue in the yard with more singing and dancing.  Everything seemed to stand out for the lovely couple and therefore confidently dubbing their special day as, "Our perfect wedding".