Koketso Sachane. Picture: Supplied
Koketso Sachane. Picture: Supplied

Radio legend Koketso Sachane branches out to TV

By Masego Panyane Time of article published Nov 20, 2018

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With just two weeks under their belt, Open News SA seems to have caught the SA public with access to them by storm. 

Their news is definitely un-news. We caught up with one of the anchors Koketso Sachane who had a chat with us about what the experience has been like this far. 

How has the change from radio to television been treating you? 

Seeing as you have had an illustrious career behind the mic? What are the main differences between talk radio and news broadcasting?

The change has been smooth and I would attribute that to the amazing team behind the scenes who have made it so. Besides having to now deal with cameras, suits and makeup, the one major difference to radio is that there are a few scripted moments delivered via autocue. 

The beauty of Open News, however, unlike other TV news platforms, is that we are given the space to express our opinions on a particular issue which is very much like talk radio. 

Was this how you envisaged that your broadcast career would evolve? 

Not at all. I have always had a love for radio and television news but never had a set idea as to how it would all unfold. More than anything, what I am pleased about in terms of the evolution of my career is that I continue to use whatever platform I am blessed with to be of service to the country through informative and progressive conversations. 

One of the selling points of Open News is that it’s young, digital-driven but also that it shies away from the traditional idea that news must be objective. Why is this important? 

News must always be objective. What is important and refreshing with Open News is that we have the space to express our opinions on the same news we are reporting on and in turn create dialogue with the audience. 

As South Africans in general we have a view on the news, what Open News does is to take those conversations onto a news platform whether it is via the anchors or opinions expressed by the audience through the various platforms offered 

There have been major criticisms in recent months leveled against news agencies for being disconnected to the people and the news they want to hear as well as not playing the role they are supposed to be playing. In light of this, a) what do you think the role of news agencies is? Especially in a young democracy like ours? 

The role of news agencies should be to reflect the news as is, ethically and with respect to its audience. News agencies have a responsibility to not only reflect reality, but also play a role in being champions of truth and calls for accountability. As media houses, we should also be held to account ourselves for what and how we report on the news 

b) What should be news? 

News is all that impacts on a society whether it be political, social, economic, entertainment, sport or any other area of importance.

c) How does open news contribute to this? 

By being authentic in reflecting the truth. What I have found at Open News is that we have a team of South Africans who are not only passionate about their respective crafts but are also conscious of the role they play in being of service to their fellow citizens.

What should people expect from seeing you and the team on their screens every afternoon and evening? 

People should expect credible and relevant news conveyed by real South Africans who are confident in not only delivering the facts but are not shy to express their opinions on the news. 

Open News provides a platform where the audience is able to engage and comment on the news as it happens and using various platforms such as email and social media. This is a revolution. 


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