Bash's funeral. Picture: Supplied
Bash's funeral. Picture: Supplied

Siphiwe Mtshali leaves's 'Rhythm City'

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Sep 26, 2019

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"Rhythm City" fans will say goodbye to Bash, a character who has been on the show for almost a decade. 

Played by Siphiwe Mtshali, Bash's storyline comes to an end on September 27, when he comes face to face with death. 

Mtshali started on "Rhythm City" as a young, full of life actor and over the years has managed to add strong substance and flair to the character he plays. Bash is an ordinary guy who grew up under horrible circumstances that forced him to grow up quickly. 

He took up adult responsibilities at a time when he should have been enjoying his childhood and instead of playing games like any child should, Bash was in the streets and hustling for his next meal.
Over the years, Bash has gotten himself tangled in sin, and his life has been mixed up in twisted secrets . 

From being in the middle of a baby snatching case to being a prime suspect in Bongi’s murder case. Now, just when he thought that he has found a new lease at life. Things turn out for the worst.

Here is a sneak peek into how the story unfolds.

An upcoming scene from's "Rhythm City". Picture: Supplied

Bash discovers a big secret about Khulekani (played by Mncedisi Shabangu) and threatens to expose him in exchange for funds that will help him out of his murder case charge. Unfortunately for Bash, life is a dog eat dog world where survival of the fittest is the most fundamental rule in the book.
Khulekani will not stand for being threatened by Bash and this is when the drama unfolds. Bash must be silenced.
“If ever there was a kasi representative it was Bash. An all-round kasi character, that’s what he was. He served us well and will be sorely missed. As the saying goes however, every good thing must come to an end.” Pontsho Mdikane, the show's executive producer. 

Bash’s funeral will air on October 4. 

*"Rhythm City" airs weekdays at 7pm on 

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