Pastor Kolbe and his three wives. Picture: Twitter
Twitter was abuzz last night as Moja Love’s latest episode of #sofasihlasane on DSTV screens on channel 157 featured the pastor’s polygamous marriage with his three wives, and his twenty children. 

Pastor Kolbe is the minister who recently married the gay couple on Mzansi Magic's Our Perfect Wedding.

During the episode of Sofasilahlane Pastor Kolbe had explained that two of his wives were homosexuals, and that among his twenty children, ten of them were straight, another five were lesbians and other five children were gay. 

Pastor Kolbe, who is also a practicing sangoma, spoke about how his family rejected him and his family upon the discovery of his wives being gay.

As the latest episode of Sofa Sihlasane aired, Twitter users took to the social media, with different emotions like confusion, shock, anger and happiness being shared.