Sizwe Dhlomo. Picture: Instagram
Bad luck or has the power of the Seven Kingdoms (now six) seeped into reality? 

In a hilarious and embarrassing on-screen moment, "Breaking Dawn" host Sizwe Dhlomo's pants ripped as he celebrated not having to talk about the globally popular HBO show, "Game of Thrones" which ended on Sunday anymore.

Talking on the show, Dhlomo said as The Vamps rendition of "Kung Fu Fighting" played in the background: "... I'm for one am glad we don't have to deal with this "Game of Thrones" nonsense anymore, and now we can we can get back to our regular bada** Breaking Dawn selves." He then proceeded to do a jump kick, and the movement tore his pants right by his crotch. 

Luckily, the 35-year-old Durban-born personality was wearing his tighty whities and didn't leave viewers cock-eyed.

Dhlomo, however, handled it like a pro, and simply said: "Oops".

Fans also had a field day on social media, with some weighing in on Dhlomo's underwear preferences. @Masiya7575 suggested that if Dhlomo was wearing darker underwear, it would've been less noticeable. " This is where bhuti Sizwe and I disagree on white vs darker underwear. If he was wearing a darker colour, that embarrassment would’ve been minimised," he tweeted.