Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc & Rory Reid. Picture: Supplied

Catch Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and The Stig as they return to your screens on Top Gear, with guest appearances from Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan.

Watch the team tackle the big issues: building the  world’s fastest tractor, tackling America’s Wild West in shiny new V8 sports cars, attempting to land a NASA research plane in America’s ultimate muscle car, and much more. Season 25 was filmed in locations including Japan, USA, Portugal,  Italy and just outside of Guildford.

Here’s what Matt LeBlanc had to say about Season 25:

How has Top Gear moved on since the last season?

ML: We’ve been thinking outside the box more, and the chemistry between the three of us has been getting stronger. It’s enjoyable to watch people who are enjoying their job. It will always be a car show, but we’re trying to broaden the demographic to make it appeal to a wider audience.

What stunts can we expect?

ML: We had a lot of fun with some tractors. The theme of the film was that tractors are blocking up Britain. When you get stuck behind one, you can’t go anywhere. So we’re trying to speed up farming.

Why do you think the show has had such longevity?

ML: The relationship between the presenters is a key part of it. That works so well for us because we all share a passion for cars. But Top Gear also lets you travel the world from the comfort of your own home. It allows you to ride along with this incredible machinery and some vehicles that are not very desirable, too. We drive a lot of terrible cars in the series, but we always have fun doing it.

Q: At the same time as making Top Gear, you are also currently shooting the hit sitcom, Man with a Plan, in the US. How do you fit everything in?

ML: My favourite thing is to do nothing, and this is a lot of work for me. But when these two opportunities came along at the same time, I didn’t want to miss the chance to do both of them. So I asked, “Is there any way I can do both?” But I love this job, so why not? I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

Next episode:

Top Gear heads to Japan, with a 60 minute special devoted to all things Japanese!

Catch Matt and Chris as they negotiate buying second-hand sports cars at auction for a big road trip across Honshu – what could go wrong?

Rory has one night to experience the weirdest car culture Tokyo has to offer and the episode takes a spin when Rory meets some mad underground car tuners and very lurid Lamborghini owners,  and also gets to drive a car that (really) shouldn't be road legal.

Out on track, Chris compares the two most Japanese-styled cars on sale today the thuggish Honda Civic Type R and Lexus LC500.

Catch Top Gear on Wednesday March 14 at 8pm on BBC Brit (Dstv Channel 120)