What if the sky and the stars are for show and the aliens are watching life from the purple matter? Frank Ocean has some serious questions in Pink Matter, people. He also name-drops Majin Buu – as in the Dragon Ball-Z villain – in the song.

If only I could reach into Pink Matter and hi-five him. Forget that, he sort-of, kind-of came out of the closet and divided fans and opinionated people with access to Twitter across the globe – Ocean has reached a new level of cool.

On Pink Matter, featuring Andre 3000, he asks his sensei if the aliens are watching us. Not a bad question. Remember when the existence of aliens was such a foreign concept people were labelled “conspiracy theorists” for thinking that maybe, just maybe, otherworldly beings could exist beyond the confines of Hollywood studios? Well, we can always go back to that time through throwback television. Thank goodness for MGM.

This month, the TopTV channel will screen films with themes about aliens and other such ideas every Thursday. Airing at 9pm, you can look forward to seeing Supernova which stars Angela Basset, Lou Diamond Phillips and James Spader on August 16.

Here, there is a spaceship that is in some serious trouble in deep space when a hospital ship is tasked with coming to its aid. Soon everyone’s life is in danger after a man they rescued turns on them.

This Thursday, James Belushi and Kylie Travis star in 1997’s Retroactive. The film is about a woman who, by accident, finds herself a part of a scientific experiment that allows her to go back in time.

But after witnessing a murder, she has to decide if she would go back in time to save someone’s life.

Solarbabies looks at how a set of prisoners who are held captive on a futuristic fortress attempt the greatest escape on wheels on August 23.

The final film in MGM’s Future Visions theme is Megaville (on August 30) in which a policeman agrees to take part in a secret assignment.

What he doesn’t know is that he is being used to test an experiment on mind control.

Now these are the kind of movies filmmakers in the 1980s imagined would depict the future.

Pity the naughties don’t come close to realising their imaginations.

• MGM’s Future Visions films air on TopTV’s channel 113 every Thursday at 9pm.