MNetWildOnes. Picture: Twitter

Last week, on M-Net’s heart-warming South African wildlife series The Wild Ones, viewers were introduced to Nandi and Thula, two of the youngest rhinos at The Rhino Orphanage, who were brutally separated from their mothers by poachers. 

Nandi and Thula are making steady progress towards health and happiness and becoming wild rhinos again.

On Sunday, viewers will meet Muffin and Lesedi, who are about to be released into the wild again. 

Muffin arrived when he was just a month and a half old. Both rhinos lost their mothers to poaching and have been cared for and rehabilitated for the last few years. 

While the safe haven for the endangered animals is preparing for this exciting development that’s days away, three other rhinos cause a stir as they go missing and a new volunteer joins the team in time for the release. 

* Tune in on Sunday, May 20 to watch Muffin and Lesedi’s release into the wild. Will they be fine, or will it end in disaster?

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