Every now and then SABC3 tries to bring its viewers some quality programming. While it has many shows coming up, three big titles are worth mentioning: the second season of the crime drama Numb3rs, the second season of the hilarious comedy The Middle and the sci-fi drama Supernatural, now in season six.

All these shows begin this month and below we discuss why you should watch them.


Before you dismiss it, this show is not about maths, well at least not only maths.

If you hated everything arithmetic at school, then Numb3rs might change your mind.

Through the use of maths, an FBI agent and his brother solve crimes in unusual ways. Given that most of us are by now tiring of the usual Law & Order cop procedural routine, it is interesting to have a fresh perspective on how crimes can be solved.

Since we are into the second season of Numb3rs, expect even better scripts to come than in the first season as we are now past the learning curve.

The cases get more complex than quantum physics, but in the end you know our team won’t disappoint. (airs Sundays at 7.30pm)

The Middle

If you loved the hospital comedy Scrubs, then you will like The Middle, especially as the tone of shows is very similar. Also, most people who watched Scrubs felt Neil Flynn’s role as The Janitor was not given enough airtime so it is refreshing to know he has a lead role in The Middle.

Nothing has changed in his way of doing things, but you will laugh at the very sight of him portraying the silly Mike Heck. Patricia Heaton also does a sterling job as the crazy supermom, Frankie Heck.

The two have three kids who seem like nothing but trouble. If you liked the first season then brace yourself for the sophomore effort as thing are only going to get funnier. (starts today at 9pm).

Supernatural 6

This is one of those stories you wish would end soon, not because it is bad, but because you get too curious to know what the ending will be like.

The Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), have, from the first season, been fighting evil in the spiritual realm. They have dealt with demons, ghosts and Halloween creatures to protect their friends. They have prophesied the Apocalypse and changed destiny.

You will need to be open- minded to check this one out. This show is more than just another attempt at a horror programme. In some themes, it is almost like a social commentary on the decay of the American society and the world at large today. Watch at your own risk. (Airs Wednesdays at 10.10pm).