Nkululeko (Aphiwe Mkefe) and Sibu (Zimkhitha Nyoka) who play love interests in Mzansi Magic's Nkululeko. Photo: Supplied
It seems Nkululeko may have bitten off more than he can chew and we're waiting with baited breath to see what's next.

With the resolution of the cliff hanger from last week's episode, we found out that the Brigadier had indeed died after that accidental shooting.

Much to the shock and horror of the boys, who are adamant that they left him alive and breathing last night. Buhle (Abongile Salli), Nkululeko (Aphiwe Mkefe) and Mandla (Tiisetso Thoka) are desperately trying to figure out how they will get out of this sticky situation.

On one hand, you have Nkululeko's shock and guilt about what happened. He seems to have selective memory, not recalling most of what happened after the shooting. And it so happens that the morning after the incident he has a scholarship interview, needless to say it doesn't go as planned.

Mandla, lost his hat at the scene of the crime. Which is a train smash since his hat is a part of the garb he's expected to wear as part of his return from the mountain. Then there is Buhle. Where the other boys have something of stable households, Buhle's home set up is slightly different.

His grandmother has dementia and keeps mistaking him for his father or uncle. Which frustrates him endlessly. Then there's his sister Portia, who spends most of her time drinking or recovering from a night of drinking. These two take turns caring for their younger siblings.

As we see these aspects of their lives week after week, we start to truly appreciate what drives them.
At various points of watching the show Ta Poncho (Bongile Mantsai) is very infuriating, who has sadly discovered that he is no longer the don of the streets after his stint in prison. He manages to recruit the young men into doing his bidding, after he finds Mandla's hat at the crime scene. 

Speaking of which, how does he know? Did he finish the brigadier off? 
The sincere moment between Sibu (Zimkhitha Nyoka) and her mother (Tina Jaxa) was heartbreaking. Taking into account of all the trauma Sibu has been through. From the guilt she suffered the last time she saw her father, the pain she faced after losing a loved one, her dreams not coming to reality and the future successes she won't get to share with her hero. 

Side note: Imagine the honour of sharing a set let alone scenes with Jaxa, Jet Novuka, Chris Gxalaba and Sizwe Msuthu. That right there is a well of acting experience. 

This episode of Nkululeko as chaotic as it was, teaches us about how life in townships can sometimes predispose young people to violence and other social ills. It also reminds us that deciding who the heros and villians are, is not as cut and dry as it may seem.
* Nkululeko airs every Sunday at 8pm on channel 161.