The Molefes

The wedding of visions played out to perfection with no glitches at all.

The cake, the dress, the matrimonial venue and the union of this Sunday’s couple were all supplied through a vision from God.

Nosipho Ngangani (42) and Luthando Molefe (48) from Kagiso in Krugersdorp moved from being friends to being prayer partners and, thanks to divine intervention, were led to each other through a vision.

The couple had both been married before.

Luthando separated from his wife, who later passed on and Nosipho divorced her then husband before 2006, after receiving three visions from God.

“The first vision was of a lobola negotiation taking place. And the second was of the same negotiations but the uncles who came to negotiate spoke isiZulu,” said Nosipho.

Regardless of the dreams that thay say led them to each other, they disappeared from each other’s lives for many years until 2015.

And when they reunited, they continued to pray together for their respective life partners.

When Luthando proposed to Nosipho, she asked for two year to gather her thoughts. Again, through divine intervention, she said yes after receiving a mysterious push.

They hosted their wedding reception at a lodge in Krugersdorp booked for family members who came all the way from the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal, and the ceremony was held on a mountain in Hartbeespoort.

Nosipho had four bridesmaids who wore mint coloured dresses, and the groomsmen wore grey.

The groom’s suit was baby blue in colour with a mint tie.

The cake flavours were strawberry champagne, chocolate, red velvet, chocolate mouse and lemon; a cake she says was shown to her through a vision - and no one was allowed to see it until the wedding day.

The bride wanted everything to have that element of surprise - and so it was!

“There was a vision that we should be somewhere up there. We looked for a place and we found it up there,” said the groom, pointing to the mountain.

The self-proclaimed queen of the moment wanted a grand entrance.

The excited groom - due to the joy of seeing his wife walking down the aisle - wished they could hurry up the process.

“I felt like meeting her half way to say to the uncle, ‘Hurry and bring my partner’. It seemed like she was walking slowly and (that) her uncle (was) holding her back on purpose.”

The expected kiss turned into a holy hug. Yep. They had to be encouraged to go in for the kill - but we only witnessed a baby kiss!

“Our priest mentioned what I hoped he wouldn’t. I believe kissing is something that one does in the bedroom. No one should see it. Now he expects us to do it in front of our guests,” blushed the groom.

The décor looked beyond amazing - a surprise worth waiting for.

The colour of the day, mint green, added a fresh dimension to the white and silver setting.

The cake was massive, with one castle cake, one huge “bible” cake, and two dolphins. Massive indeed.

Just when we thought that was enough, the wedding brought more surprises.

Their orange and white traditional attire looked so elegant.

On day two of the celebrations, the makoti was taken to her in-laws.

Tradition prevailed as the bride’s family had to wait and give “the children some sweet” before the gates were opened to them to be welcomed in.

Gifts of a bed and blankets had to be presented for the new wedding journey they were undertaking.

Their wedding vision played out exactly as it was seen from God.

“We feel really good, we are happy,” they both exclaimed in one accord at their perfect wedding.