Captain Corne Krige doesn't take losing lightly

Lara de Matos

From the killing of a baby shark simply because you happen not to like the look of it, to confrontations of betrayal and sappy behind-the-scenes statements about feeling “undervalued and under-appreciated”, it seems island fever is already starting to set in. Even if the players don’t quite know it yet…


If ever there were a single sentence to sum up what Survivor is really about, Dave’s classic quip (one of many wisecracks this week) would undoubtedly be it: “I’m sure the guy who invented this game is bipolar.”

Then again, Dave, we’re beginning to wonder about your mental astuteness too, given that, despite what we would have thought was a pretty clear explanation offered by Shona, you still voted for the wrong person.


I’ve said it before: if you have a beautifully sculpted bod a la Stephen, Zavion and Graham, there’s no harm in showing off your God-given (and gym-perfected) gifts. Provided you don’t parade around like you’re some sort of top-male-model-meets-Brad-Pitt master of the universe who expects everyone to fall at his feet (no names mentioned – Zan).

But at the opposite end of that spectrum lie the likes of Shane. While we appreciate that he’s probably wanting to show off his hard work (having recently shed 20kg), endless shots of his less-than-taut tummy are not exactly the stuff of sexy fantasy.


I have four words for Sivu: what. were. you. thinking?? You’re an astrophysicist in the making, for crying in a bucket! You had the smarts to go in search of the immunity idol – found it – and then you proceed to leave it there?? Sivu, Sivu, Sivu… Sigh.


The tag line that introduced Gena as one of the contestants stated: “Vivacious Gena is the type of girl you want to be friends with – but would you want to play Survivor with her?” And after seeing her in action this week, the answer is a categorical “no”.

Okay, so Marsha might have misleadingly mentioned your name when attempting to convince Dave the tribe would be gunning for the golden oldies first (which you pretty much proved when you also opted to oust her). But your name will be used many more times by other players, in their bid to outwit, outplay and outlast each other – and you’re likely to do the same! So best you climb off that high horse now, me dear…


Between his whimpering about how he doesn’t take losing lightly, or his shock and surprise as to the level of social politics involved in the game of Survivor (duh!), Krige is swiftly on his way to winning the Whinger of the Contest award. Come now, Corne! We expect more from a former Springbok captain.


Mark might have meant it in a playful way when he said “trust me, you rather want me on your team than Jimmy Tau”, but as Tau’s shocking attempts at the penalty shoot-out demonstrated, Utara were hardly at a disadvantage for not having won his soccer-playing services. And we wonder why Bafana Bafana are such an embarrassment to the world of football… Kudos to Mark for his girl-power moment, too, when he nominated Buhle (wo)man of the match.


The games master for this season of Survivor deserves acknowledgement. Thus far, the challenges have been brilliantly thought out and very well put together – as with the “shipwreck” soccer shoot-out, which put a new spin on an otherwise run-of-the-mill activity.

Survivor South Africa: Champions airs on M-Net at 5.30pm every Sunday.