Let’s face it, there is bad blood between Justin Bieber and the Jonas brothers. No one said so, it is just a hunch. Look at it this way: the Jonas brothers, for years on end, owned the hearts of young girls the world over and had no competition.

They were good-looking products from the Disney factory who were all that teenagers could talk about – until Bieber came on the scene.

Though many of us detest young Justin’s repetitive pop music, it sure has more oomph than the brothers’ sound ever had.

So it makes sense that one of the Jonas boys, the one who got married – Kevin, has sought to rekindle his relevance by doing a reality show titled Married to Jonas.

With a premise like that, it is unclear if the teenage girls will buy into it. Let’s face, it the guy is flaunting the fact that he is unavailable. Then again, perhaps some vultures will use this show as a study to see if, indeed, his marriage was a good idea.

Married to Jonas takes a look into the personal lives of Kevin and his wife Danielle Deleasa as they let the realities of marriage sink in.

It is a case of rich boy falls for the help as Kevin looked past his superstar status and fell in love with Danielle, who was a mere hairdresser from New Jersey.

Everything from the way they met while on a holiday with their respective families in the Bahamas reads like something out of a fairy tale. Like her, Kevin is down-to-earth and we expect to see their union work. However, because they come from different backgrounds, things aren’t always as simple as they should be.

Being married means a union of families too and given that the Jonases are far better off than the Deleasas, Christmases and Thanksgiving holidays must feel awkward as the polarised families attempt to co-exist.

And it doesn’t help that her Italian family is said to be very outspoken, causing a lot of friction and discomfort at family gatherings.

Interestingly, this show, like R&B singer Fantasia Barrino’s TV show Fantasia for Barrino, is also the launch pad for the Jonas brothers’ next CD, so you will see the brothers go back into the studio to make yet another album.

As a married man, Kevin will no doubt be aware of the fact that he can’t behave the way he used to, especially with female fans.

On the other hand, Deleasa will quickly have to grasp the nature of showbiz to adjust her expectations.

The clever thing about the title of this show is that there is room for more seasons and spin-offs. Perhaps the other brothers will marry as well. For now, we are stuck with Kevin and that’s not a bad thing.

• Married to Jonas airs from October 28 on E! Entertainment (DStv channel 124) at 11pm.