Come Dine SA contestants Soletha Golding, aka Catwoman, Andrew Rennie, Caileen Swiegers and Harold Hopking.

Have you ever met someone who loved cats so much, they not only had 11 of them, but also had cat tattoos and even cat paws on their body? Well, those of us who watched Come Dine With Me: South Africa, did.

Thursday's episode took us to Cape Town where we met Soletha Golding, aka Catwoman, Andrew Rennie, Caileen Swiegers and Harold Hopking.

Let's start with the most interesting contestant, Soletha. The biomedical technologist, who confessed to enjoying some girl on girl action when she was younger, has almost a dozen cats in her home and has seven cat paw tattoos. 

What’s more interesting is that she plans on getting more paw tattoos. Her food, however, did not go down very well and she come out second.

The most annoying contestant was Andrew, narrator Dave Lamb referred to him as the baby of the group. His night was a complete disaster and he come last. He served white rice instead of the Ethiopian yellow rice, prawns that looked like shrimps — according to Caileen — and gin in his ‘vodka infused custard’, shop bought custard might I add, yet he was the biggest critic of the episode.

Caileen, who won joint first place with Harold, served Yellowfin tuna steak and got upset when Harold insisted she was serving an endangered species. In her defence, they are near threatened and not endangered according to the World Wildlife Fund. 

Caileen was definitely the one contestant I would want to party with.

Wealth manager Harold had the best house, a penthouse with a rooftop bar. He may have come out tops with Caileen, but  his food was definitely not memorable.

Here’s what viewers thought:

If Andrew didn't use all his energy on faking his accent, he probably would have had a better dinner lol #comedinesa

Can Andrew shut up already? What does he like?! Acting like his night was such a hit. He used ultra mel custard 🖐#comedinesa

“I wish I could have won the money to feed my cats” 😂😂😂 #ComeDineSA

Time to change my kitchen after seeing Harold’s one! Love that black kitchen! Time for a change! #comedinesa

"Is the air force still a thing? Do they still fly things around?" 💔😭 Andrew weh #ComeDineSA

Tholukuthi, Andrew isn't really his name, it's just there to support the accent. #ComeDineSA