With December holidays done and dusted, folks would agree that watching Date My Family is one of the favourite things to do on Sunday evenings. 

Last night's episode didn’t disappoint with hip hop as the order of the day, featuring two rappers. And wait for it the one guy had a tattoo in the mouth, yep...he had a whole LOL tattooed inside his mouth, it’s no wonder nurse Nonceba didn’t pick him, the guy is a joke.

Nonceba Maloba, a 24 year-old nurse from Boksburg said she was looking for a man with lots of muscles, he must be and tall and handsome, who’s a ‘cotton eater’, he must dress well and smell good too.

Nonceba dined with three families, and seemingly she enjoyed the food so much she farted on national television, declaring that farting is one of her favourite things to do.

“I love farting”, she admitted.

Before we move on though, we must also note that driver bae got upgraded from a Passat to a Vrrr phaa. He also rocked happy socks and the ladies continue to appreciate his hotness.

This week’s bachelorette nearly landed in hot water when she jokingly said, she wants a man with a car, it has to be a Beemer, who would also be able to maintain her lifestyle, which includes a R4000 girlfriend allowance.

Some forgot she said she was joking and went for her.

The first bachelor, Rea’s family seemed like a good “vibe” but the tattooed in his mouth was a total turn off for Noncebo.

She said the guy is not serious about life.

The second family was Peter aka Speedo’s who spoke highly of the bachelor. Peter was ready to propose but he didn’t bother to show up, perhaps he knew his fate hence him and family went MIA on us. Driver bae had to leave the bottle of wine by the door. 

That was rude by the way Speedo!

The last family Noncebo visited was Kwanda’s family, who clearly made a good impression on Noncebo, although upon meeting his chosen date, she felt she was ‘’sold dreams’’.

Viewers thought the show failed to deliver what Nonceba had ordered.