Dancing With The Stars. Picture: Supplied

Celebrities in Dancing With The Stars SA have a newfound respect for the art form. Over the past weeks, most of them had suffered injuries, but despite that, they still danced each week, because “the show must go on”.

Radio host and former Miss SA, Liesl Laurie, injured herself while practising the choreography for her waltz performance.

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When the pain became insufferable, and she couldn’t continue, the medical team stepped in and took her for X-rays, only to be told one of her ribs was fractured. 

However, a determined Laurie made sure she danced after a few adjustments were made to her dance by her dancing partner, Ryan Hammond.

Athletics coach Odessa Swarts was also in discomfort when she danced with an injured knee.

“The injury happened a few weeks ago, but had gotten worse as Dylon (Daniels) and I were practising the Quickstep.  

“There was a kick in the dance, which didn’t sit well  with my already injured knee,” said Swarts. 

She said although she put on a brave face and smiled throughout the dance, it was a nightmare. 

“It was a real nightmare. I was going through a lot of different emotions. I was frustrated and angry with myself and after my MRI scan was told that I had to take a six-week break. 

“When I was asked if I wanted to continue dancing I didn’t have to think about it. I wanted to stay positive and stay in the show. I wanted to do it for my family and all women,” said Swarts. 

She said her partner, Daniels also motivated her to stay focused and to not give up. 

“I did not want to disappoint anyone. So I pushed as hard as I could. I also knew that my body will definitely tell me if I can’t dance anyone, but deep down I felt that I was spiritually and physically strong to do it,” she said.  

Actress Juanita De Villers suffered from cuts, bruises and blisters on her feet. 

De Villers said although she did ballet, Modern and Tap dancing in her earlier days as a performer, nothing compared  to the heat she felt from 
learning Latin and Ballroom dancing.

“My feet were covered in blisters. No one had told me that there are two different kinds of shoes for Latin and Ballroom dancing, so at the start my feet had to adjust to Ballroom and just when I was used to it, I had to change shoes to learn Latin. It was interesting,” she said. 

De Villers had to use methylated spirit on her feet which helped in hardening the blisters. 

“Although the show is physically demanding, I am having a wonderful experience. It’s the highlight of my career and despite what we have to go through, we understand that this is show business and the show needs to go on,” she said. 

Thembisa Mdoda had swollen ankles. 

“It’s the nature of the game. Despite the injuries, we had to persevere. I was committed and there was no way I was going to leave my dancing partner at the back all alone. 

“He supported me and I knew that I needed to be there for him,” said Mdoda.