IdolsSA Top 10. Picture: Twitter

Last night's Idols SA's top 10 performances were filled with mixed reviews and only 3 performances unanimously enjoyed by the judges. 

The theme of the night came from the judge's playlist, with Somizi winning the night with the most amount of song's chosen by the contestants.

Kicking off the show was Mthokozisi, one of the competition's favourite who's been receiving great reviews since first taking to the stage.

He sang John Legend's Love me Now. 

But Randall wasn't too impressed by Mthokozisi's performance, saying he could have done a whole lot better. "I don't think you know how good you are. So you really need to push. Secondly I think in the verses you started to swallow some of the words and when they disappeared you'd hope in the chorus people would recognise the song," he said.

Unathi on the other hand was happy for his song choice, "because it challenged you vocally because you don't like going up and it forced you to go up. I like the fact that you were nervous in the beginning and you got more and more confident." She also echoes Randall's words of advice that he should perform like it is the finale.

Another standout from the beginning was Durbanite Tee who chose Lira's Noma Ungahamba to which Unathi thought she was brilliant.  But Somizi says "it did nothing for me." He didn't connect emotionally.

Randall fears that her performances might turn into a cabaret show, if she makes it through to next week. Giving her only one great review against two.
The second guy to take the stage, Botlhale, chose Vusi Nova's Naninina. 

Receiving a standing ovation from Somizi and most people in attendance. Randall wasn't impressed. "Again it was kind of verballing down under throughout the verse and as much you get the sense that you are going through and are doing well, wait for the top five and you'll learn your lesson."
Unathi commended his attempt at a Nguni song. "I think the emotion was there. I do, however, ask that you make sure that you say the meaningful words as they were."

Next on stage Thapelo sang Ndawo Yami by ZamaJobe. And Randall again wasn't impressed, saying she struggled at the beginning and took off when it got to the chorus. 

Unathi saw a different side to her and appreciated her for that. 

Somizi said, "People like you frustrate me because you are very beautiful, you have a beautiful voice and were created on a Sunday while some of us on a Friday. You are perfection. You went out of your comfort zone and it worked for you," he said. 

Second last of the guys Lindo sang John Legend's Ordinary People with Unathi dubbing it as a worldly performance that reminded the reviewers why they voted him into the top 8 to begin with. 

Somizi described him as an ordinary guy with an extraordinary voice. Randall surprised the crowds by giving Lindo Somizi's woo shem.

Phindi sang Beyonce's One Plus One. Somizi thinks she did enough to get enough votes.

The only judge who isn't a Beyonce fan thought the singing was a disaster. "All I sat her and wished for was that 1 + 1 = 2 and it would be over."
Unathi sided with Somizi saying vocally it was a beautiful performance and that she should believe in herself more. 

Faith chose the late Sfiso Ncwane's Khulungile Baba - taking the entire arena to church and received the night's second standing ovation from most of the attendees and Somgaga. Also getting Unathi to tear up.

Randall said, "It was far more of a top five performance than a top ten performance," basically dubbing it as a great performance. 

All Unathi could say was "May God bless you Faith", in between tears and Somizi, to his excitement, said "Faith, your name says it all. It was not a performance, you ministered. You have no idea how many lives you moved tonight. If you don't realise your calling, I don't know."

Another standing ovation came through for Paxton's performance of Side to Side from Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj. "OMG, what a top ten. Perfect sing, perfect performance. Thank you amazeball, you killed it," Unathi said.

Unathi and Somizi dished out his wooooo Shem for that performance and Randall said "once again we have proved that it is about quality and not quantity. Great performance," he said. 

Thokozile sang Mary J Blige's Going Down. Somizi thought her emotions lost her a lot of pitching and Randall does not appreciate the dramatic performance labelling it a "train wreck, I can't watch it. It's a music show. Drama shows, I don't know what time they air".

Unathi loved that her performance was musical and was unique.

Last man on stage Christo sang Never too Much from the late Luther Vandross, and Randall did not like it at all. 

"It wasn't the show finale I was looking for. "Somizi reckons Christo would have been perfect for Minnie Dlamini's wedding reception but  Unathi says she can't fault him on anything.

The voting rights are now 100% on the viewer's shoulders, leading up to the crowing of this years winner who will take home R1 million.