Sarah Mnisi and Mfanelo Shungube. Picture: Twitter

It was an emotional wedding experience on the latest episode of Our Perfect Wedding as Mzansi witness the union of  Sarah Mnisi (40) Mfanelo Shungube (50) who met back in 2003. 

And like Rihanna once said, 'You find love in hopeless places, "the two met at a funeral and right there and then, Mfanelo made the decision to marry Sarah. 

"I knew her when she was younger but when I saw her, I didn't recognize her. I just saw someone I wanted to date", said Mfanelo.

Same time, he went straight to her and told her he wants to make her his wife. 

"That shocked me because he had never asked me out. He just came straight out and told me he wanted me to be his wife," said Sarah. 

She avoided him for two months, until finally she agreed over the phone. 

Mfanelo asked Sarah to visit him in Joburg, and she left without telling the family.

Their love intensified on that very day when they both realized they share a birth-date.  "That was the beginning of the rest of our lives," beamed Sarah. 

But not all has been smooth for the pair. Mfanelo's mother doesn't approve of this union and therefore wouldn't be attending the wedding. 

"When I told her about Sarah, I could see that she didn't approve. She told me straight out that she wouldn't come to the wedding," and that thought hurt Mfanelo.

To top it all off, Mfanelo's other 5 siblings wouldn't attend the wedding as they are not on speaking terms. 

"Seeing Mfanelo hurting like this, it breaks my heart. If it were possible, I'd take the pain away," said Sarah.

"He loves me. And I am happy when I am with him. (So) I can't make others others happy at the cost of the one I love," she added.

Mfanelo had already paid lobola but was never interested in a wedding celebration. But on their birthday he took her to a jewelery shop to pick their rings.
"I don't know what came over me, "she said. They wanted their wedding to be on OPW because they wished for people to witness their love.

"So that even those who didn't believe in our love, would get to see us get married, " they said.

Asking Mfanelo where her new bride would be doing her bridal duties, as it is customary for the bride to go to her in-laws' home after she's been married, he said, he didn't know but, "I'm getting married, there's no turning back".

On their wishlist the couple wanted to see perfection with the wedding gown, suit, cake and decor. The couple's chosen colours were gold, peach and violet, with splatters of colour here and there. 

According to the planners, the decor was modern inspired with a touch of tradition. 

Mfanelo wore a violet colour suit, paired with black shoes. His five groomsmen wore similar suits with pink ties to differentiate themselves from the groom. 

The bride wore a vintage styled dress with an opening at the back, paired with silver shoes. Her bridesmaids wore peach dresses. And because the wedding happened on grounds of the Swati people, some of the family members who attended wore their beautiful Swati traditional attire, saying "This is our land and we are celebrating our culture," in between ululations. 

The grooms father was overwhelmed by emotions,  crying and saying, "I don't have words, I'm overwhelmed with joy". 

The catering was set to only accommodate 150 people but it seemed like the entire village came out to the celebration. The planner made plans to accommodate 172 people instead, but it still wasn't enough. 

"I don't know how many people they invited. It's packed and I don't know what to do," said the stressed planner. 

During the thank you speeches, a special thank you went to the father of the groom who, according to them, stood by the couple through it all. The father and the makoti were both in tears. 

"If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be standing here today. I feel like a princess, and it's all because of you," said Sarah. 

The couple changed into their beautiful traditional attire, which for Mfanelo was important to incorporate into his wedding day. 

"It's important for our kids to know their roots" added the bride.

After all the tears, the celebration and all things ticking the right boxes, they said "This was our perfect wedding".