Vera Hlatshwayo and Musa Mayisela. Picture: Twitter

The latest Our Perfect Wedding tells a tale of forgiveness between Vera Hlatshwayo, 45, and Musa Mayisela, 46, from Protea Glen, Soweto. 

The couple met in 1998 at a mutual friend's funeral. Her first impression of him was that of a smoker and drinker, something she was not particularly looking for in a guy.

At the time, Vera was living Mpumalanga and Musa would drive all the way to see her (or not) but that didn't deter him. After a year of pursuit, she showed interest and they now share three sons together.

In 2006, the couple broke up when Musa decided to start a new relationship with another woman. But things didn't last there and he had to come back home. "I always loved Vera, said Musa.

"The reason why I forgave him is because I asked God for a man like him and I have always loved him," said the Vera.

There were attempts of getting married in the past but things like money going missing messed up those plans. 

OPW was invited for the couple to showcase their love for each other. "To also show other women that we must build our homes, even in hard times," said Vera.

The excited groom could not hold it in as he literally danced all the time. 

After two decades, Vera finally wore a white dress — with a lot of bling — which brought tears to her eyes. "When you tell someone you forgive, you close that chapter (and) you move to the next chapter," said Vera.

Her bridesmaid's wore lemon dresses, while the groom wore a black pants and a white jacket suit. 

His groomsmen wore vintage styles suits, checked jackets, blue pants matching with the waistcoats. 

The reception venue was decorated in lemon, blue and white, and accommodated 200 people. 

The day was reserved purely for the white wedding as the traditional ceremony took place on the Friday before, where the gift ceremony happened.

"She was beautiful when she walked thought the door. I didn't even know she had a veil," said Musa in between giggles. 

After their wedding vows, the rings placed the couple moved onto taking photos and then off to theirs reception area. All in all, after 20 years the couple agreed that this was their perfect wedding.