Sibusiso Hlengwa and Thandeka Khuzwayo Nzama. Picture: Twitter

On Sunday we witnessed a "Thandeka and Sibusiso" life — not from Isibaya but from a small village in Durban. 

Our Perfect Wedding visited Mfume in Durban, to marry off Sibusiso Hlengwa and Thandeka Khuzwayo Nzama. 

The couple met in 2002 when Sibusiso heard of Thandeka and how well mannered she was, he then decided to pursue her. His strategy was to play soccer close to her home. 

Days went by with him kicking the ball until finally she came around, and he kicked the ball harder to impress her. Their first conversation led to nowhere but he didn't get tired. 

"I moved to my brother's place in Folweni. He followed me there as well. I then moved to Mazixhame to live with my uncle and he got a hold of the landline number and started calling me," says Thandeka.

"I was so surprised that he was so persistent. I thought he'd move on," they both laugh.

After 7 years of pursuing her, the couple finally started dating in 2009.

"I'd always known she was the woman I wanted to marry but I didn't have the resources at the time," says Sibusiso. "We wanted to be on Our Perfect Wedding because this is a first for our village," he adds.

The theme colours chosen were royal blue and lemon. 

As per the show's tradition, the bride gets to fit her wedding dress at the store where they bought it. Not this time around as the owner of the store, last minute, felt they would chase away her customers because it is month end. Imagine! 

Luckily, for the angels at the next shop where she bought her traditional attire, we got to see her vintage styled white gown, with lace sequence by the hem.

The groom wore a lighter shade of blue and the groomsmen wore a darker shade of blue which all looked really good. 

The day before the wedding, the bride still rocked her natural hair and said they were not allowed to wear any extensions on their head. She had no idea what she would do. Come wedding day she looked so different and gorgeous with a wig on. 

The bride's twin wore a royal blue dress with a lemon belt across, while the bridesmaids wore lemon dresses with flowery sequences on top, paired with royal blue shoes. 

The matrimonial took place at a garden set up and the appointed pastor pulled a no show. 

They had to last minute arrange for one to marry them off on the day. What was special for the groom on the day was seeing his sickly mother attend the wedding as she was discharged from hospital the week before and he wasn't sure if she'd make it. 

The wedding vows were shared and he put a ring on it. 

But the kiss didn't happen because the bride was shy to do this in public "the white wedding is a  western thing. We do traditional weddings. Doing 'adult stuff' in public is a no-no" said Thandeka. So cute. 

Off to the reception hall, speeches were said and a lot of dancing was witnessed.

Day two was nothing short of isiZulu traditional beauty with 3-Legged Potjie Pot and community women taking over the pots. Just how we know it. That ceremony took place at the groom's home in Thenjane in Durban. 

Their traditional attires, imvunulo, were the original type from emkhaya, made of cow skin with black and white beading. 

Going through the bride's outfit she wore beaded takkies dubbed Macele that symbolize that she is now a wife, skirt made if cow skin and a bib which is also a symbolises her new marital status. 

And because umakothi has a twin sister, they wore matching attires, as they did at her sister's wedding. The groom wore his traditional attire, along with his groomsmen. 

Before anything began, there was a gift ceremony where the bride's family offers gifts to the groom's family  - to also show that she is now a wife they say. A very beautiful and significant part of their culture. 

To complete the celebrations, there was singing and dancing that showcased the African culture to the tee. 

Day two was filled with a lot of traditional dancing, chasing of umakothi and some more dancing in celebration of the union of Thandeka and Sibusiso. 

All in all, through the tiredness and joy, the couple dubbed that day their Perfect Wedding