Mr and Mrs Rakgahla. Picture: Twitter
Mr and Mrs Rakgahla. Picture: Twitter
Mr and Mrs Rakgahla. Picture: Twitter
Mr and Mrs Rakgahla. Picture: Twitter

Love at first sight brought us three outfit changes and 500 wedding guests in the Limpopo heat. And all this made the long wait to the couple's wedding day worth it. 

The couple that met and fell in love immediately finally got hitched in a beautiful and extravagant wedding celebration. This week, we were invited to Ephenia Mabeloane (38 years) and Sipho Rakgahla (51 years) wedding day. 

The couple are both from Dennilton in Limpopo and they met by chance but quickly hit it off. Sipho, who was previously married, decided to give love a second chance after meeting the love of his life and now they live together with a total of 10 children combined. Four years into their relationship, Sipho popped the question and within that week, sent the uncle's to the bride's home to pay lobola and officially make her his. Even after that, they saw it fit to have a huge celebration to seal the deal. 

Into the wedding, the bride's dress was brought all the way from Pretoria, where Ephenia worked. She wore a beautiful white ballgown designed in a strapless, sweetheart neckline style with flower decorations on it, almost as though the dress came from a faiirytale. 

Something that she had listed on their wish list. 

The color of the day was dusty pink, paired with white, with centre pieces of fresh flowers. The entire venue looked fresh and simple. The couple's cake, like the dress, traveled all the way from Pretoria and according to the newly weds fitted exactly what they envisioned. 

Decor. Picture: Twitter

Day of the wedding, the groom thought her wife to be absolutely enchanting. "It was like she was recreated especially for me, this time," he said. "When I saw that dress I said, 'here comes an angel'," he further added. And the bride thought of his look in the navy blue suit as handsome. 

The pastor officiating the wedding threw a curveball to the couple when he asked them to say their own vows. "The pastor didn't tell us we were suppose to write our own vows. We didn't practice, we didn't write them down. I just had to say what was in my heart," said the groom. 

Shortly after, the couple was joint in Holy matrimony as Mr & Mrs Rakgahla. The couple did not shy away from the much anticipated kiss, which excited the congregants. 

After the ceremony, they went pass the bride's home to dance a little there and then to the Rakgahla's household so "she can walk the grounds there," before going to take their pictures. 

And as per culture, she was welcomed into her in- law's home with greetings, singing, dancing and a lot of ululating. 

"That's when it dawned that I was no longer Pedi. I'm a Rakgahla now, "she said.

After  the formalities, the Rakgahlas danced into their reception area. But because of the groom's two left feet, the wife advised him to walk and she'll do all the dancing. 

" When we walked in from the entrance, and sat looking at the guests, we felt like a king and queen, " said Sipho in excitement. 

And because of the many people expected, there was an overflow area for more guests to be seated, with TV screens so they can watch what goes down in the main tent.

The newly weds changed into their traditional attires, Sepedi inspired, and just when you think that was it, they had a surprise of a third traditional outfit. 

To round things up, the couple each handed their in laws parts of the cake.  When I handed my mother-in-law the cake, that's when I become her daughter, " explained Ephenia. Sipho added and said about his cake giving, " and when she accepts it, " speaking of Ephenia's mother, " I knew that all my gifts in the Mabeloane family were accepted wholeheartedly. "

Oh and what would any SePedi wedding be without the traditional women dancing in their traditional attires. Absolutely beautiful. 

All in all, the couple said their wedding celebration was worth the wait and dubbed their day as perfect.